Workshop Two…What’s your place?


Nestled (theme related) in the heart of Durham, we all gathered together for Workshop Two at St Leonard’s Catholic School.  This session was to focus on PLACE.


What we mean by ‘Place’ is everything that gives the business idea, function and it’s place in the market. This workshop concentrated on the business environment. After a brief overview of discussing what the business environment can involve, we revisited basic business theory of S.W.O.T and P.E.S.T analysis to discover internally and externally what business factors maybe are unique to each team or may need outside help – or sourcing.

We developed skills match tests to really discover what skills the team have to give to the on-going development of their idea. Then moved onto external factors that they really felt (realistically) were going to hinder any advancements.


Next we move onto organisational structure. Basic diagrams were shown as to how many visualise what their organisation/business looks like, i.e. who’s place is where (so to say!). The structures were very important to identify roles and understand the skills that each team member has.

Once understanding, SWOT, PEST and an idea of the structure of the business we then focused on it’s place in the market. We asked each team to look at their position in terms of the market overview. Who did they feel were leaders in the market, who were realistically their competition?


We wanted teams to start to look at what currently exists in the market they are entering but also start to look at what’s going to happen. What research or trends could they discover and potentially add to?

So… there’s still lots to play for, challenge one has been marked and there’s 5 current leaders!!!

Let’s see what they make of Challenge Two… being marked as we speak.