Who is TICE?

When we describe what it is that we do at This is Creative Enterprise, the response we always get is, “I wish that had been around when I was at school.”

So, what do we do? We’re an organisation that works with businesses, schools, colleges and universities to give young people a taste of the opportunities that exist within commercial creative, design and digital industries.

We work with young people from the age of four up to 24 and the projects we introduce change every year to reflect the rate of change in the commercial creative sectors.

Between ourselves, we like to say we provide an emporium of brilliant ideas, incredible innovation and inspiring opportunities – but we couldn’t fit all that on our business cards.

So, this is us – This is Creative Enterprise – and we provide creative innovation through business enterprise.

“TICE is a really valuable experience for my pupils. It helps me to engage them with my subject, inspires them to think beyond the classroom, and gives them an amazing opportunity to express themselves through design. I have no doubt that TICE helps to promote my subject, and helps encourage pupils to pursue it not only at options level but after that too.”

Mrs K Winder, John Spence Community High School.
(The TICE Programme)

Staff Training

“14 teachers went away inspired, excited and full of creative ideas. It was a real pleasure to have TICE here. It really was one of the best workshops we have had here for a while.

It does seem crazy that I could find nothing which fitted the bill any closer to home, but it proved your enterprise is a real gem. I’m extremely glad I came across you and am sure the surrounding area appreciate having you. I’m very jealous!”

Sue Side, Head of Art at The Manor, Near Oxford (Teacher Training Sessions)

About TICE...

This is Creative Enterprise (TICE) is a community interest company. We work with businesses, schools, colleges and universities across the North East and with young people aged between 4 and 24.

TICE provides real-time, hands-on access and insight for young people into careers and opportunities across the commercial creative, design and digital industries.

Ebacc and Progress 8 performance measures are changing the focus of creative education within schools. TICE brings a unique and invaluable perspective to student learning outside the classroom. With TICE, young people can explore the worlds of:

Fashion | Textiles | Music | Photography | Software Development| Graphic design | Illustration | Creative enterprise | Creative writing | Film | Digital Media | Animation| and more…

And we love what we do.

So much so that in 2016 the TICE team won a national Design Skills award from Creative & Cultural Skills for demonstrating ‘viable opportunities to young people’ across our respective creative industries.

“Any opportunity to engage with employers and to participate in projects and activities that involve employees from companies to really showcase what the industry is like has an added benefit to any young person. TICE collaborates with a wide range of people from across the creative and digital industries.”

Karen Marshall – Apprentice, Education and Engagement Lead, Accenture

It's true...

“I wish that had been around when I was at school.”

How we work – Primary and Secondary Schools

From one-day workshops in primary schools to longer-term projects with secondary school students, the experiences we offer and the businesses we work with change each year. This rate of change reflects the speed of innovation that takes place, month by month, across the creative and digital sectors in our region. Over the last ten years, TICE has worked with over 250 businesses in the North East.

TICE learning experiences differ from the 45-minute long sessions in schools, providing full days of activities that explore the commercial creative and digital industries. We introduce students to current industry trends, perspectives and emerging opportunities, whilst supporting schools and colleges to hit each of the Good Career Guidance Benchmarks.

Hitting these benchmarks means we increase student employability, whilst enabling young people to explore the scope of the careers that exist within the commercial creative industries. And our collaborative approach demonstrates how both educational staff and industry employers can work together to successfully develop young peoples’ skills and career awareness.

 “Having TICE in to do the “horticulture and biodiversity” workshop with year 2 has been amazing. Bringing a topic of “plants” to the children through the media of music and art was so worthwhile and the rich learning that occurred in the lessons was fantastic. The lessons were perfectly pitched, fast-paced and engaging for all pupils…and staff. The national curriculum links to science were evident but it was done in a fun, interactive, inclusive and memorable way.”

Mrs E Given – Class 2 Teacher South Wellfield First School

For any further information on any of our projects or programmes please get in touch.