What did the Graphics Team get up to?



What a fantastic day at our Graphics tours!  We spent the day visiting the industry leaders across Advertising, Digital and 3D model making.

We were all very inspired and motivated to hear presentations by leading agencies Different and digital agency, Orangebus.

We started at the Toffee Factory, a fantastic space for a range of digital and creative businesses, where we visited a range of agencies working across web, 3d, mobile and print such as Box Model Digital and Hedley McEwan.

At TICE, we feel it is important to give our students the best insight into the industry, and the simplest way to do this was to invite them to visit a range of creative agencies across the North East. Throughout the day students got a chance to speak with designers, account handlers, motion artists and web designers, to hear and see first hand what it is like, and what it takes to be a professional working within the creative industries. During their tours, they could see for themselves how fulfilling this career is, and also see the amazing clients that they could work for in the future.


They watched designers work on live projects, and were shown briefly the various platforms a designer will work in, from Adobe Creative Suite, to Cinema 4D and also animation software’s such as Afteraffects. (This was particularly relevant to what we have in store for our Silver Stage Day 2.)


Our Graphics Students thoroughly enjoyed the day and came away feeling very inspired and motivated, and really understood what career opportunities are available across the various sectors within the creative industries.

Stay tuned for the Graphics Silver stage day 2!