We’ve made it to Fashion Gold Stage 2015!


It was an exciting day starting final projects, based at Northumbria University, as the group split into the three specialist areas; ‘Fashion Making Project’, ‘Fashion Trend & Design Project’, and ‘Fashion Journalism & Styling’, as students began to focus on their chosen brief. Lottie and myself were taking the lead with the ‘Trend & Design’ group.

To start the day, we discussed our aims for the project, as well as the plans for the workshop day, which would be starting with some market research and a shop report. We walked to Topshop in Eldon Square, where students were asked to analyse trends in store, who their target audience would be, together with design and merchandising considerations (e.g. garments availability in a variety of colours or fabrics). Next, we moved on to look at New Look Eldon Square as a comparative shop, focusing join their teen range ‘Generation 915’. This was ideal for the students to analyse, as they are the brands target customer. After walking back to the University, students started to gather images that may inspire their trend, keeping in mind the styles of garments they had seen in Topshop and New Look.

Following a break for lunch, the group were given WGSN trend packs for further inspiration for their theme. Lottie gave a presentation, setting the task to create a mood board using Photoshop, with a beginners guide to using the software (see tips below!) Together with collating their mood/theme imagery, everyone was asked to consider descriptive word for their final mood board, as well as a title which describes the trend/theme.
Overall, I think the group worked really well, acting professional when visiting a business understanding the process of creating and developing a mood board for visual communication. I think we are going to see some amazing work from this project and I’m excited to see everyone’s concepts develop!!
Photoshop Tips!!!
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