Welcome St Joseph’s Academy to TICE Photography!


December 11th – St Joseph’s Catholic Academy, Hebburn.

This was my first time participating with a TICE workshop and I genuinely didn’t know what to expect at all. If I can say anything about it, it was definitely worth getting involved in. My morning started early with a 5:30 alarm to be setting off and out my 6:30/7 to travel to the school. Upon arrival, I was welcomed and introduced to all whom I needed to be introduced to and then shown the way to the classroom that we would be spending the next seven or eight hours based in. Before going into the classroom I was briefed on how the day was going to flow and how the number of pupils in the room at the beginning of the day would not be the same amount of pupils forwarding through to silver stage. Off to get to work!

St joe2Katie (our photography workshop mentor) started the day off with introducing herself and both of her assistants to the pupils of the Y11 class and then went on to do a quick and simple get-to-know-what-you-know exercise with a questionnaire about various photography related or camera related questions. This meant that we were all able to gain a more clear understanding of what each select group of pupils knowledge was like on the subject. After this we all looked up online about the proposed project and myself and the other assistant spent time talking with the pupils gauging their understanding of what was to be asked of them while also answering any questions they had on future prospects or concepts and so on.

Today they were to create a diptych. Something extraordinary out of the ordinary around St joe3their school grounds. Once the shooting started, the day flew by and we were hitting 1/2pm in no time. The students went out for roughly 30 min to shoot and then came back in to organise, edit, reflect and discuss what they had done and what could then be altered when they were sent out again to shoot for a second time after their lunch break (i.e: thinking about the rule of thirds, empty space in an image, distractions in the frame). There was clear evidence throughout the day of students taking on the comments and constructive feedback they received in the way that their attention to detail in their images and editing progressed.

STjoe1As the day came to an end, the students were asked to put together a little presentation about their work and their methods of working discussing how and why they did what they did. They then showed this in front of their peers and received further feedback from this. This was a lot less scary than it sounds and a lot more relaxed in style: like a big group discussion with question and answer about each persons work.

I believe that the Bronze stage for Photography has a great balance between practical and class based activities that keep the students involved interested and engaged throughout the entirety of the day. I for one can certainly say that I was kept engrossed throughout it all and look forward to future involvement with TICE.

Beth Parnaby