To be unique is to be different, to stand out and to be alternative. 

No one is the exact same and that’s the way it is supposed to be. 

You can dress the way you want and act how you want as long as you don’t harm others. 

Be creative, be friendly, be you.

In recent years, the stereotypes of this modern world have been slowly forgotten, revealing the true personalities of people. Where previously stereotypes controlled society, now society controls the stereotypes.

Boundaries in fashion have been created and broken many times over the last few decades. Where once every designer made the same design, now there are no two the same. Not three years ago, people everywhere were expected to fit in. Now expectations are beginning to be diminished. Being unique has changed the world and is still changing it, why not be a part of the movement?


Be yourself, be someone.
Dance your dance, sing your song.
Why be normal? Why be the same?
Don’t be a sheep, don’t be lame.

Follow your heart, follow your dreams
Make people smile, witness those beams.
Dress in colour, dress with style
Those boring black hoodies, oh they’re vile.

Why be like them? Why do you follow?
Be the Shepherd that has no sorrow.
So be unique, be the real you
Those school trendsetters. Sorry who?

Activism – People everyday make stands to break down these barriers that are set. So be yourself and take advantage of what others have fought for! 

It doesn’t matter what others think, even though you may think it does. 

In school, work or even the town you live in, people will care for you whatever you do. There will be demons that often come from jealousy, but what’s a little turbulence if the destination is greatness?

By Sam Anderson, John Spence Community High School

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