#TICEmusic visits the Sage Gateshead


Music Silver Stage Day 2: 21st March

Selected students from Mortimer Comprehensive School and Churchill Community College continued their Silver Stage journey together at Sage Gateshead. The Sage has a reputation for their fantastic facilities, venues and events that tourists and Newcastle natives love to visit throughout the year. We thought it would be a unique opportunity for our TICE students to delve beyond the scenic glass building, and give them the understanding of everything that the Sage provides for music enthusiasts.


Sage3The day began with meeting Emily, who generously gave us a tour around the building, particularly Hall One and Hall Two. The students were given the opportunity to explore the venue and gain a perspective from different angles including an audience member, a light/sound technician and the most significant view being a performer. It was visually breath-taking and left the students inspired and motivated to learn more about how the Sage uses these venues as a way to teach aspiring musicians.

Sage7 Sage6


Emily then introduced us to current first year students and graduate students from Sage in partnership with Sunderland University. These talented people led a workshop, firstly beginning with warm ups and mini-exercises. TICE students then split up between instrumentalists and vocalists to go and learn their parts for the final task – which was to perform Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ in Hall One. It was impressive to observe so many students immersing themselves in the task and have the ability to suggest ways in how they could improve. The instrumentalists were even introduced to the batterphone which encouraged so much more creativity and open mindedness. With the support of the Sage students, the performance was ready in their limited time frame.

Silver day 2 2016

The instrumentalists and vocalists congregated together to rehearse what they had done a few times in order to ensure that they were all in sync and professionally prepared. To complete the day, the students did the final performance on stage in Hall One where the likes of Sting and many other famous musicians have performed on. It was a wonderful moment for the students, teachers and TICE Music mentor Sam, to see how much they have learned and experienced in one day. The students were blossoming with creativity and confidence which can only mean that will be even more evident in the Gold Stage. Well done to all who were involved!