#TICEgraphics! Hello Ashington!


On the 14th March, we visited Ashington High School to introduce students to the Bronze Stage of TICE Graphics. Due to the absence of our Graphics mentor Mark (jetting off to New York for work!), we had the wonderfully talented Lottie Maddison come in to guide the students throughout the day.


The morning began with a general overview of Lottie’s past experience and what the students can expect from taking TICE Graphics. This was followed by a few light-hearted exercises in order to get the creative juices flowing, including answering questions that would never normally cross the mind, e.g. “What veg is sad?” and “What colour is Sunday?”.


They were then given a piece of paper with several empty boxes and a triangle placed underneath each one. The challenge was for the students to come up with various ways to make an image with that triangle. Both exercises seemed difficult and took a lot of open-mindedness, but the results of the tasks proved how capable these students were.


The main task for Ashington High School was to create album artwork for the current no. 1 single, 7 Years by Lukas Graham. The intention was that they were unable to pick the song that their design would be based on, simply because our goal at TICE is to be as realistic as possible about the creative industries. In this case, this is exactly what would happen if someone was given a brief in Graphic Design. The students were placed into groups and each member had a particular role – task manager, 2/3 artists, font designer and a blogger. For the rest of the day, all of the groups were coming up with incredible ideas and managed to work together to create a final design on a large piece of paper, which would resemble a vinyl sleeve. Arts and crafts were encouraged which catalysed even more fun and creativity!


To end the day, the students had the opportunity to see each design and evaluate what was done well and what could have been improved. It was highlighted that if there was more time, they could have managed to gather even more creative ideas for their artwork. However, with that point considered, each group did an impressive job in terms of time management. Overall, our TICE students from Ashington High School did a fantastic job and we look forward to seeing many of them progress on to the Silver Stage. Well done!