TICE Fashion @ Jarrow School: Karra Allen

TICE fashion insight stage at Jarrow School launched this year on the 8th December. All ready to go, the TICE team set up all the supplies for the workshop and the budding designers began to arrive and take up their seats for the day.

Similarly to our other fashion insight days, we began with a PowerPoint presentation and a small quiz to enable us to gauge the students’ current understanding of the fashion and textiles industry. It’s always really interesting to see the various enthusiastic answers from Jarrow students and judging by the responses it was clear there was a keen interest in the industry.

The fashion presentation introduces job roles within the sectors that may or may not have considered before, like garment technologists and trend forecasters. Discussing also, the subjects that students may think they need work on in the industry and to particularly stress that its not all about being able to draw. Some skills are rarely considered, including maths for pattern cutting, science for developing smart fabrics and languages which can be very useful for liaising with manufacturers which may be in other countries or communicating with potential buyers for example. This year we included a very interesting video showing one of the advancements in technology that could completely change the way we look at fashion through the use of 3D printers. It looks at how the future could potentially lead to buying a new outfit via download and printing the garment from home! What!?

After the presentation, with the creative juices were flowing and intact, we introduced the main task for the session – to create a fashion sculpture designed for a particular celebrity using inspiration from a mood board of their choice, working in groups to create something truly spectacular. A selection of different trend mood boards were given to each group, followed by deciding which celebrity they wanted to style for.  With stars including Pharrell Williams, Kendall Jenner, Ellie Goulding or Nicki Minaj…it was almost impossible to decide. Who could blame them? This was a perfect opportunity to work effectively in teams, to challenge themselves and to use their talents in a professional circumstance. The idea of working for stars was enough to spark excitement and motivation! BUT then… you’ve mannequins, music so obviously… The Mannequin Challenge!

Mannequin Challenge Jarrow School #ticefashion from This is Creative Enterprise on Vimeo.

Once their celebrities were chosen and the mannequin challenge was perfected, excitedly shared and viewed, it was design time! The aim was to showcase two potential designs, oozing with passionate, dedicated hard work. With this, the groups worked together to create one mighty piece to use towards their final sculpture. The classroom instantly turned into ‘Jarrow fashion HQ’, full of flowing discussions and enthusiasm whilst also managing to maintain professionalism.

Fashion mentor Charlotte, as a well-established designer, demonstrated some techniques they would need to create their fashion sculpture efficiently and effectively. After a few demonstrations, the students realised just how much awareness and understanding needs to be involved in this practice. With this in mind, the groups were adapting to the creative process almost instantly. It was fascinating to see the communication and concentration build as these sculptures were coming to life.

It never fails to impress me at how quickly the final designs come together during the afternoon session – Jarrow were no exception, fantastic ideas were coming to life. They seemed to have almost a production line going with each member having an individual task. Some were constructing flowers, others were creating extra pieces to add to the shoulder while others members pulled it all together. As we reached the end of the day you could see how hard they had worked through the intricacy of the cut work on the neckpieces, even down to how well they had blended the colours. They produced some amazing pieces from their mood boards and you could really tell where their inspiration had came from. The Egyptian theme came through really strongly in the cutwork, colours and additions to the shoulders. The more romantic theme came from the flowers and colour choices of their pieces. Overall the students produced some truly beautiful sculptures. They were beaming with pride, despite the exhaustion! The mentors were astonished at the quality of work and acknowledged their individuality and flare that was embedded in every piece.

A huge thank you to Jarrow School for showing us your fierce team of talent. See you on the Explore Stage!