#TICEfashion Explore Stage part two! @NCLcollege #Fashionskills


For the second Silver Stage day we took our #TICEfashion students to Newcastle College. Now, as our first silver stage day was all about the fashion industry and fashion markets (see post here) then today was all about gaining some useful fashion skills. In actual fact, it was all about THE WHITE SHIRT.

Charlotte and Lottie TICE Fashion & Textiles Mentors

On arrival for their second silver days, students from Jarrow School, Burnside Business & Enterprise College and Marden High School were first welcomed by fashion tutors from Newcastle College. The tutors showcased the courses on offer here at the college giving insight into the further and higher educational programmes they provide.

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After tours, our TICE fashion students were then split into two groups for the skills development workshops. One workshop was led by Charlotte Liddle, our textiles mentor and the other by Lottie Maddison, our illustration and fashion mentor that both gave short presentations about the workshops to follow.

Charlotte giving a presentation about textile techniques and fabric manipulation.
Lottie presenting fashion illustrators and illustration styles.

Next down to the tasks in hand. Lottie’s design and illustration workshop, like Charlotte’s, was all about ‘The White Shirt’.

The session started with a look at inspiring examples of fashion visualising, we looked at lots of different techniques and approaches that used paper collage, brush strokes and cut up photographs to create garment shapes and silhouettes.

Ncl8Next we progressed onto an ideas generation warm up activity. Everyone received a printed sheet of white shirts, all in different sizes; we cut out sleeves, collars, plackets and arranged them on models to create new garment ideas. Collars became sleeve details, cuffs became full skirts and sleeves were used to make interesting trousers with a pinafore detail.

Ncl10Moving on, we researched further into white shirts to gather additional ideas. Pinterest was a really good starting point, we looked at a curated stream of customized, re-imagined shirts and considered how we might incorporate similar elements in our own designs.

With tons of new ideas, it was time to start designing. Shirt spec drawings were provided and we traced off five designs, adding our own details as we went. Shirts were elongated, collars were rounded and scalloped and long sleeves became capped sleeves.

Our final, strongest design was then scanned into the computer and we were introduced to the Photoshop workspace. Our rough sketches were cut out, cleaned up, and our drawn lines were enhanced, using a series of Photoshop tools and processes.


In Charlotte’s workshop each group were given a simple men’s white shirt and asked to think about how they could manipulate and change the look of it to give it a new lease of life.

Ncl7The students came up with design drawing individually and then worked well as teams to agree on one final design and how they should go about re-working the shirt.

Ncl12Then the fun really began and the groups started to create their designs straight onto the mannequins using a dress-making technique called moulage. They were only given the shirts along with pins, scissors and a needle and thread to work with.

Each group came up with an amazing design. The shirts were transformed into dresses, top and skirts and It was interesting to see that each group worked very differently, some were more focuses on texture and other on shape and form.



Throughout the day we saw some brilliant ideas, fantastic designs and students who pick up our fashion skills extremely well. ‘THE WHITE SHIRT’ project was a complete success, not to mention the Marden High teaching staff who also gave it a go… well done sir’! We would take you both onto Gold Stage!

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