Twelve students from Longbenton Community College began their TICE experience last week, taking part in a Bronze Fashion workshop.

The day commenced with a discussion of how we would define ‘fashion’ and sharing our understanding of the industry, it was fantastic to see really personal responses and awareness of modern day fashion communication, for example the use of blogging . We then looked in greater depth into how the fashion industry operates, learning about existing roles such as designing, buying, marketing, and styling, along with the skills that would help you in these areas.


The next focus of the day was on Trend Forecasting, and Design Illustration. We explored mood boards which featured on WGSN, identifying their key features such as colours, patterns and style, and used them to predict trends. Each group then selected a board to focus on in more depth, and used this to develop a range of innovative, annotated and coloured designs for SS15. It was clear that everyone had a great understanding of the task, as all of the final designs showed influences from their chosen themes while remaining original.


Then came the messy part… Using fabric, and paper mache to add structure, each group was tasked to recreate their final designs on their mannequin. I was impressed in how creative, self-sufficient, and motivated the students were, all adding colour, texture and embellishments to their designs, and paying attention to detail. Alongside making their pieces, each group was also allocated the task to write a blog post about their day, reflecting on what they had learned and enjoyed.


The Longbenton students demonstrated a strong engagement with the activities throughout the day. They showed sophisticated interpretation of predicted trends, and added unique details inspired by contemporary influences, such as upcoming films and music, which demonstrated skills vital to fashion, an industry which reacts to social and cultural events. Some fantastic work, roll on the Silver Stage!

By Laurel Outterside, TICE graduate in 2012 in Fashion Photography.