#TICEcomputerscience Create Stage @ Burnside Business & Enterprise College


On the 3rd December, Computer Science visited Burnside Business & Enterprise College for the third bronze stage workshop. We began with a general introduction to Computer Science, as Phil informed the students on his experience in the industry and explained what to expect if they were to progress on to the silver stage.

After the introduction, it was on to the computers for a demonstration on how to use Scratch. Scratch is the programme they were to use all morning to create their animations or games. Phil demonstrated elements of the programme to students who had never came across Scratch before and thus, they were able to express their creativity without restriction. Some of the game ideas that they came up with were quite complex and needed more expert advice from Phil to work out how to make them come to life. They all produced a successful game in the morning session and presented their fantastic ideas to Phil.


Then the students gained insight on html coding for creating a website, through using a website called JS Bin. JS Bin allows you to create a site and adjust many factors such as CSS style and JavaScript. However, for this session, there was particular focus on CSS and HTML to create the content and customize the style of their sites. All the students produced really interesting sites – they managed to master the adjusting of styles and how to add hyperlinks to external websites. It was very impressive to witness how quickly the students learned the process of creating a successful website. Many of the girls created sites about fashion or cakes, whilst the boys mostly created sites surrounding video games or sports. They all really thought about not only the creation of their sites, but also the content/appearance. Some even went on to search for the exact codes to choose the colour for their text and backgrounds. They also explored aspects of the styles they could change and searched online to find the correct way to code the different fonts they wanted. After they had finished each task, they presented their work to Phil and explained what they had learned. This allowed Phil to evaluate their understanding, provide useful feedback and suggest other things they could consider if they go through to the silver stage of the programme. Well done Burnside students, you all did a great job!