#TICEcomputer Science Create Stage: Whitley Bay High School


On the 4th December, TICE Computer Science visited Whitley Bay High School for the final bronze stage workshop. The students had the whole day to produce a successful short game CS1using Scratch. Scratch is a website where you can create mini games or animations, using coding commands to control your characters. These are called Sprites. For each Sprite you can create a list of commands that can make it react to buttons or mouse clicks. Using Scratch allowed the students to understand how important each tiny element of coding is. The students successfully soared through the introduction, as they grasped the basics very quickly. The games all came together really well and in fact, some even went on to create a second game/several levels of their initial game. Before we knew it, the students were all presenting their finished games to Phil and explaining how each level worked. After the morning session of Scratch it was time for the afternoon task.


For the afternoon session the students had to use JS Bin, which allows them to create a website using HTML coding and alter the style using CSS. By using the CSS element, they can create styles for each section of their website – whether they want to change the font, font size, text colour, background colour or even add drop down menus. The elements can be changed by just basic commands like the name of the colour or for more advanced users, there are colour codes they can use. Many of them decided to do this and took it upon themselves to research and learn more about these codes. The students did incredibly well and produced some amazing sites. Students created sites based on their hobbies and interests such as dancing, football, bands, cats and Star Wars. They were all of a very high standard and Phil and myself were very impressed with the final outcome. Well done Whitey Bay High, see you on the Silver Stage!