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Computer Science Silver Stage – TICE
Day 2 – 18th & 23rd March

Having completed the TICE programme two years ago, I was highly eager to lend a hand in the silver stage of the Computer Science workshop. On the 18th March & 23rd March incredibly talented students from Longbenton Community High, Ashington High School, Whitley Bay High School and Burnside Business & Enterprise College were invited to Northumbria University, Ellison Building for a day of creativity where they would be informed on computer science in Higher Education, the widespread and diverse industry itself, plus they were also given the opportunity to build and develop their skills using different coding software, with the help of their well experienced computer science mentor, Phil Jeffes.

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After having arrived at the university, the morning began with a very informative talk with Computer Science and Digital Technology Senior Lecturers, Shelagh Keogh and Jill Bradnum. The presentation gave the students an insight on the various courses available surrounding the broad subject of Computer Science. It was interesting to heard that many students were unaware of what the University lifestyle is like, including timetables and expected study hours. To make the students feel even more inspired, Shelagh talked about a few successful graduates from Northumbria. One graduate, in particular, now works for a major, innovative Computer Science company in Switzerland. It has been proved that approximately 80% of students move into a managerial or job within six months after the course, which was a huge motivation and encouragement for our TICE students.

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Following the talk, the Computer Science team were taken on a tour of the university. They were shown a few of the many fantastic facilities that Northumbria have to offer their students, for those considering to apply for an IT course. They were shown a few engineering labs and IT suites where the team were able to get an understanding of university life and how demanding certain courses can be, they were inspired by the creative, progressing work of the current uni students which tempted plenty of questions for them to ask. Any previous misconceptions of university were cleared up and they were left with a much clearer understanding of what to expect during higher education.

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The team was then lead to their computer suite for the remainder of the day where they participated in a few computer science activities, (programming/coding etc.) Through the use of software such as JavaScript and Python, they were given the task of developing their own web page with the aid of their team leaders and step by step instructions to follow. For some, this was a simple task and were able to therefore help those struggling, as a result, not only did this develop the student’s knowledge further but also played an important role of getting the whole team to become more familiar with and comfortable with their peers.

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Many of the students thoroughly enjoyed their time at Northumbria University:

“My experience today has equipped me with greater, further knowledge of the computer science industry. After having met and discussed with experts in this field, I now have a better understanding of the pathway of which I wish to pursue, going onto further education.” – Lewis Shetton.


“I have found today’s workshop to be highly informative and great fun! I have enjoyed using various software and now feel more confident when using them. I have especially enjoyed html coding and having talked to my team leader, I am intrigued by the industry and hope to pursue it.” – Lune Harper.

“Thanks to today’s workshop, I now possess a deeper understanding concerning computer science and what it actually is, not only that but the tour has surprised and intrigued me to go into such a field after having seen all the amazing facilities available at Northumbria Uni, I now know what to expect regarding further education and just how demanding it can be, nevertheless, this field of study has enticed me thoroughly.” – Sarah Hunter.

“TICE makes Computer Science fun and interesting to learn about”.

“Today made me really consider a Computer Science degree in the near future…”.

It’s wonderful and reassuring to hear that many of the students were growing with their creative energy just from one day of exploration in Computer Science! Well done!