TICE Summer School Ashington


TICE Summer SchoolThis week TICE is facilitating Ashington Summer School 2013 in collaboration with the Ashington Learning Partnership. Week one is now over and we’ve loved working with the students from Bothal Middle and Hirst Park Middle! Have a look at what we’ve been up to so far…

What an amazing week one of summer school. Some of the TICE team have been working at Ashington High School with some very lovely talented young people from Hirst Park Middle School and Bothal Middle School from Ashington as part of the Ashington Summer School 2013 It’s been a whirlwind week of pure imagination, excitement and meeting some Northumberlands finest.

TICE Summer Schools

The ALP & TICE Summer School is an innovative and exciting  programme which will give Year 7 pupils (aged 11-12) a head start as they look to begin their Secondary School studies in September 2013. The two week programme is designed to give pupils from Bothal and Hirst Park Middle Schools a chance to experience an exciting programme of experiential learning in a fun and safe environment which will focus on developing practical Maths and English Skills.  The ALP Summer School is fully funded by the Department for Education and aims to help pupils make a successful transition from the Primary to Secondary phase of their educational journey.

We have been working with the lovely Andy Gaskell who works as Director of Enterprise and Vocational Studies in the Ashington Learning Partnership and is co-ordinating the ALP Summer School programme this year.

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“The DfE Summer Schools are a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to experience a range of practical Maths and English challenges that can help pupils start secondary education ready to learn. Evidence shows that there can be a dip in performance for pupils as they transfer from primary school to secondary school. Pupils falling behind at this stage sometimes never catch up and so it’s vital that schools can work in partnership with local business to address the challenges we face in preparing the workforce of the future for the local economy. Accordingly, we are both delighted and grateful to such a wide range of local partners for showing such a keen interest in supporting our Summer School programme”

This has been such a brilliant summer school so far and we can wait to start week 2. It’s been that good we’ve blogged about it daily check out our daily blog: http://ticesummerschools.wordpress.com/