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    What is the TICE Programme?

    Since 2008, the TICE Programme has become one of the north east’s most successful creative programmes for young people from Year 9 onwards. The winner of the Design Skills award at the National Creative & Cultural Skills Awards, we have a proven track record of providing young people with hands-on careers progression, opportunities, skills development and guidance that specialises in the creative and digital sectors.

    Designed to provide young people with the information, tools and networks they need to make informed decisions about their future, The TICE programme is the first step in providing an industry-led overview of the commercial creative, design and digital industries.

    How it works...

    The programme is delivered in 3 progressional stages: Insight, Explore and Create facilitated by creative professionals and enhanced by behind-the-scenes tours and supported by industry and further and higher educational institutions.

    From your point of contact with us, right through to the delivery of the programme, we are on hand to offer you guidance and advice. Feel free to discuss your requirements with us, this could be meeting Career Guidance Benchmarks, to areas of creative industry you would like us to cover also what creative disciplines you would like to experience.

    The STAGES


    This stage runs over a period of two days (non-consecutive), it involves taking students out of school and immersing them into the creative and digital industries. At this stage, students have the chance to participate in ‘behind the scenes’ tours, speak with creative entrepreneurs and business professionals and as a result, make contacts with specialists (from local, regional, national and international companies) gaining even more of an understanding into their chosen creative area.


    Each student has 3 days to complete an industry-led project of their choice, based in higher educational institutions. Sponsored by numerous creative and digital companies and mentored by the TICE team, the students aim to complete their challenges to present and/or perform at their Final Showcase. The TICE Team and Mentors have a vast and varied range of industry contacts who support the TICE programme in many ways.


    The TICE Final Show celebrates the end of the TICE programme for all the schools and students involved. Create Stage projects are presented and performed. This fabulous final showcase invites parents, schools, business and educational supporters to see the achievements and experiences of our young North East students.



    1 /day
    Full project planning, collaboration & evaluation.
    • In school workshop
    • Creative area overview
    • Professional mentor
    • 20 - 30 students (approx.)
    • TICE Badge (Insight)
    • Careers Advice
    • Staff Cover


    2 /days
    Full project planning, collaboration & evaluation.
    • 'Behind the scenes' trips
    • Skills masterclasses
    • Professional mentor
    • FE/HE Visits
    • Creative industry advice
    • Guest speakers
    • 15-20 students (approx.)
    • Work with other schools
    • TICE badge (Explore)
    • Staff Cover
    • Transport Costs
    • Parking Arrangements


    3 /days
    Full project planning, collaboration & evaluation.
    • Student interviews
    • 10-15 students (approx.)
    • An industry project
    • Professional mentor
    • 3 days workshop support
    • Skills development
    • Professional project work
    • Tours and masterclasses
    • Guest speakers
    • Exhibition at Final Show
    • Student certificates
    • Work with other schools
    • TICE badge (Create)
    • Staff cover
    • Transport costs
    • Parking arrangements


    1 /evening
    Full project planning, collaboration & evaluation.
    • Celebration Event
    • Free Tickets for family
    • Industry Feedback
    • Motivational Speakers
    • Life after TICE
    • Full Gallery of Work
    • Students who completed Create
    • TICE Certifciates
    • Travel Arrangements
    • Staff Cover

    Explore our Creative Areas

    The rapid growth and the speed of technological change can make it difficult to keep up with the fast pace of the creative, design and digital sectors. Each TICE mentor works alongside industry leaders to gain an understanding of key developments and to recognise emerging skills shortages.

    Both our programmes and workshops reflect the developing needs of industry and, in terms of sector awareness and employable skills, we keep abreast of changing trends. Each of our creative areas taps into trend-driven and innovative provision to support and develop the career decisions of the young people we work with.


    Exploring avenues of trends, design, illustration, CAD, photography, marketing, technology and communication.


    Exploring avenues of travel, events, action, sports, landscape, fashion, wildlife, portrait, product, art, interiors and architectural.


    Exploring avenues of branding, multimedia design, logo design, marketing, advertising, product design, motion graphics, publication design, web design.


    Design for integration in published media; exploring traditional and modern techniques of illustration from pencil to lithography, mixed painting techniques to digital illustration software.


    Exploring avenues of journalism, short stories, copy writing, marketing, editorial, screenwriting and communication.


    Exploring avenues of song writing, technology, composition, live performance, production and music business.

    & CRAFT

    A creative exploration of processes such as dyeing, painting, printing, stitching, embellishing, quilting, weaving, knitting, felting, and papermaking focusing on home interiors and crafts.


    Exploring the making of short films, animated gifs, moving image for video games, motion graphics and special effects.

    “I would say to someone considering to do TICE next year, that they should definitely do it because it’s a great, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that can really help with their future and show people evidence of their amazing skills that they will gain throughout TICE that will help in your project choice industry as well as in day-to-day life, such as confidence and creativity. You get to meet so many new people that share the same interest and passion as you in the same projects which leads to new friendships and improves teamwork skills a lot, even if you aren’t too keen on working with others or with people you don’t know. I found TICE very helpful and enjoyable and it is one of the best experiences in my life.

    Katherine, Year 9 Student

    TICE Programme, Animation, Churchill Community College

    How much does it cost?

    The TICE Programme is a fixed cost of £1600 per creative area per school. This includes the recruitment process, all three stages of the programme and the TICE Final Show. What it does not include is staff cover for workshops, travel arrangements for workshops outside of school.

    How many students does it include?

    The Insight Stage begins with up to 30 students per creative area. The recruitment process can be a full Year 9 assembly whereby students can apply for the opportunity. Alternatively, you may want to self-select the students based on the creative disciplines your school has chosen to experience.

    Is the programme available in our area?

    We are situated in the North East of England and travel regularly throughout Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, Durham to Teesside at no extra cost to your school. If you are situated outside of the North East, travel and accommodation costs may be incurred or please look at our TICE International project options.

    What can the TICE programme support your school with?