TICE photography mentor, Katie, stopped by Longbenton High School in North Tyneside for the Insight stage of TICE Programme 2016/2017. Longbenton have opted for this area for 7 years! and it’s always nice come back to a familiar and fantastic school, always full of talent and potential. Students strolled in the classroom, cameras at the ready with no expectations of what today would bring.

Katie excitedly introduced TICE and her role as the photography mentor, alongside her impressive career as a freelance photographer working in commercial, newspaper, weddings and more. For these students to gain insight from a woman with so much experience certainly guarantees a rare and influential experience in the creative industries. Katie also highlighted the opportunities that arise alongside Photography, such as Film, Music, Fashion – all which blends and co-operates together as one world of creativity.

Students were gradually eased into the overwhelming industry of Photography. Firstly, the basics. Katie highlighted the main aspect of photography, Composition, within this, exposure, shutter speed, white balance, focus and rule of thirds alongside many others play a significant role. With this information in mind, the students explored beyond classroom walls and had the freedom to take shots. It was a great experience for these students to look beyond a rehearsed photo and find aspects of the natural world somewhat appealing behind the lens.

After an evaluation of their images, with Katie’s feedback and encouragement, techniques such as angles, POV and framing were discussed. With these important concepts in mind, Katie prepared them for their project of the day: to create a PowerPoint of before and after – presenting the improvements of the images they had previously taken.

Students tackled this task with so much enthusiasm and resilience as they aimed to recreate their images with the mind of a professional photographer. Immediately these students had went from one stage to another, looking deep in thought and putting their skills to the test. They strolled back to the classroom with so much confidence, ready as ever to reflect on what they had achieved. The results were outstanding, showing clear improvements on their ability already. It was evident to see that what they learned today was embedded in their minds as they approached the task – there were some fascinating angles, frames and overall artistic shots created. It’s amazing what a day’s work can do!

To summarise, this day has left a significant mark on both the students and Katie. The potential that was shown in today’s session has stirred even more excitement for the Explore Stage. Congratulations to Longbenton students for producing truly fantastic work!