As part of TICE Photography Gold Stage, some lovely New Faces from Tyne Tees Models worked with our newly trained TICE students (Longbenton Community College, St. Josephs Catholic Academy and Monkseaton High School) at the beautiful venue, Belsay Hall based in Northumberland.TTM8TTM4

The brief (project Photography Fashion Shoot) involved a magazine shoot for a Location Fashion/Editorial feature, specifically aimed to those interested in Portraiture and Fashion Photography. The students were challenged to shoot a series of images that would be published on the cover of a magazine.  They would work with models, a makeup artist, produce some fashion portraits and also some detailed shots illustrating the location and clothes by Study 34 and Cotilda’s Fashion. Not an easy task!


Belsay Hall Castle and Gardens is part of English Heritage – a company which cares for over 400 historic buildings, monuments and places in the UK. They highly encourage schools to visit Belsay as a free resource to take performance sessions outside of school… such a beautiful location for learning outside the classroom, it’s a must see!



To begin the day, Katie ( TICE photography mentor) explained the brief in more detail, providing some top tips and tricks when looking for that perfect shot. Our guests arrived prior to the shoot, starting with Cotilda who stopped by with her beautiful line of outfits for the Tyne Tees Models to wear. Cotilda designs outfits inspired by African and European fabrics, full of colour and gorgeous patterns, they were begging to be modelled. The second gorgeous collection was by Study 34, a British knitwear brand based in Newcastle. Study 34, is a champion of Sustainable Fashion brands and Eleanor O’Neill (the founder) also writes on the topic of Responsible Fashion for The Huffington Post UK. The students and models were both overwhelmed and grateful to use the collections for their project.


We then had makeup artist Josephine Birkett to work her stunning makeup artistry on our models. It was particularly admirable to see our TICE students arrive with their mood boards of ideas which helped Jo greatly in understanding what the photographers were envisioning. The students were delighted to witness their imaginative ideas were becoming a reality and after all, that is what TICE is all about!


The morning was incredibly crammed and hectic but very productive, as always. Models were prepared with the TICE photographer’s direction. All of our young workers were oozing professionalism and creative flare in everything they were doing. You would’ve assumed they had years in the business, proven by the many visitors who were passing by and acknowledging how passionate they seemed whilst exploring Belsay gardens.


They were released to the wide (and very photogenic) world of Belsay Hall to begin the shoots. The nerves and hesitancy kicked in slightly at this point. The training wheels were essentially taken off which is of course a very challenging yet equally rewarding thing for both the models and TICE photographers to be involved with. Despite the fears and doubts they were facing throughout the day, they were beginning to build bonds and communicate more effectively.


Alongside teachers and mentors, Paulo Santos and Caroline Briggs returned once again to indulge our students with profitable guidance throughout the day. It seemed our industry professionals were incredibly happy with what they were witnessing including Longbenton Community College Head of Art, Jayne Young:

“It’s wonderful to see young people take professional people away to direct them and essentially lead their own project. It’s just great”.


It’s fair to say that Belsay Hall had a true TICE takeover – full of young people doing inspiring, creative things. Charlie Cook was one of our Photography students, who seemed to very much enjoy her Fashion Photography experience:

“For me TICE has been an amazing experience, learning how to work with professionals and how to use a camera to take quality pictures. It has also been a major confidence booster and now I feel I can communicate to people easier. I have enjoyed each course very much and I would recommend it to anyone. If I had the opportunity, I would do it again any day. I have loved working with professionals and getting a taste of the photography industry.”


It was certainly a moment which the TICE students will never take for granted. For most of them, this was the first time that they involved in an industry environment and it couldn’t have been experienced in a more beautiful venue with such professionalism all round. We want to graciously thank Belsay Hall for allowing these talented young people to express themselves freely on their grounds. Without our other helpers included above, we wouldn’t be able to provide the following final shots:

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Now a huge and special thank you goes out to Tyne Tees Models for working with us yet again. It was a pleasure to have your models on this project, they were consistent, confident and had shown so much care and enthusiasm in what was involved. Thank you for continuous support for our programme!


Finally, well done to the TICE Photography Gold Stage students for sharing your talent with us. It was a very special day, indeed.