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Premium Package

With the Level two subscription you can select the from the 8 creative areas your school would like to explore gaining access to a range of creative, design and digital projects. In addition, we can come to your school to provide a workshop to complement the projects chosen.

1. Annual Subscription
Delve into a year’s worth of project briefs designed for Year 9/Grade 8 or above students interested in developing knowledge and skills in the creative sectors.
2. Project Support
We are on hand to support with the development and implementation of all projects at any time during your subscription.
3. Individual TICE Accounts
Once students have selected their preferred project we will open an online account therefore they can study through the project at their own pace.

4. Deadline for submission
Our projects are released in September, January & April of the academic year. Your school can choose when is best and a deadline for project submissions will be given.
5. Showcase project work
Throughout each project, the project lead in school will document the project progress. On completion of the project a blog post will be submitted and showcased online and social media platforms alongside any commentary from project sponsors.
6. Full administrative support
Full support available if you experience any problems with accessing briefs or using your account.

Professional Feedback

Each project is supported by industry and academic professionals. On completion of your project we will send your work to the individual sponsors to gather feedback for the students submission.

School Visit & Workshop

With the premium package you can choose when would be suitable for us to come along to your school. This could be before, during or after a project. We will also provide a (3 hour) creative industry and entrepreneurship workshop for up to 30 students.

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Frequently asked questions

For any questions or queries, please visit our FAQ's page. You will find the answers to the questions we get asked the most about TICE International.

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