Introduction to
TICE International

TICE International is a great way to bring international schools and UK industry-focused creative, design and digital projects to young learners. All project briefs are supported and co-designed by the TICE team and professional designers and creatives from companies throughout the UK, working on a universal creative platform. In addition, engaged in various projects are UK higher educational institutions willing to support feedback alongside creative professionals with submissions from classrooms across the globe.

How does it work?

TICE is an annual subscription-based service for schools internationally interested in providing their students access to ‘live projects’ co-written by creative professionals and brands worldwide. Each school can choose the level of subscription they require and select from a wide range of portfolio enhancing briefs.


All project briefs are aimed Year 9/ Grade 8 and above. TICE International is particularly suited to students who are pursuing or exploring a creative, design or digital future and applying for creative courses at university. With now over 82% of international students applying to U.K or U.S.A higher educational institutions, young people and universities alike are looking for exciting, trend driven and industry led portfolio work to help them stand out.
TICE can support students with coursework, EPQ's, work experience, Arts Award, employer engagement and more.

Professional feedback, exclusive TICE projects

For students, TICE International can help develop their core skills and an appreciation for cultural creative diversity, develop their portfolios with unique industry-led projects and gather feedback from professionals in their fields. For teachers, international collaboration is a useful way of growing professionally, developing industry contacts and sharing knowledge and employer engagement with an international audience.

What are the industry projects like?

TICE projects emphasise the topics, issues and trends prominent in society today and more importantly for students, how they will evolve in the future by using industry-sourced trend-prediction to highlight changes in up-and-coming sectors.

In doing this, student gain access to industry professionals who showcase how they do their jobs through challenges and tasks supported by brands worldwide. They gain skills, knowledge and awareness directly from people in industry willingly to share their professional insight.

By choosing a project that stimulates their personal interests and aspirations, also subjects they feel passionate about, the students gain a wealth of experience but most importantly develop an understanding of a career path they previously would not have known existed.

Examples of projects

Our projects change each and every year moving with industry and exploring the skills and topics their sector is looking for in young people wishing to enter these careers. Once a school has chosen which creative area (s) they would like to explore there is then an array of projects for the students to choose from. Here's a small selection of some of the recent projects:

Fashion Communication, Editorial & Fashion Photogrpahy

Fashion activism is the practice of using fashion as a means of awareness or social change and fashion labels have increasingly begun taking political stances and using their status to instil social change or send positive messages. Working with iconic fashion brand Bella Freud, this project is based on fashion activism. Here you will explore fashion identity, fashion photography and fashion editorial.


Supported by Universal Publishing Group, this project is aimed squarely at the person that feels like they have something they simply have to say and has a passion for song craft. Musicians have always found the song form to be a particularly powerful way of raising social issues. A song has the unique ability to have lyrics that really express a point of view and the musical aspect that can help enhance the emotion, be that making it sombre and heartfelt, or being aggressive and powerful.


The Aviary Gallery asks you to focus on reflecting upon what we have experienced and learned about ourselves and those close to us through the period of mass isolation and social distancing. This project introduces you to documentary photography capturing real-life situations, communicating a story about the world in which we live and bringing to light some otherwise hidden reality, a disappearing or unknown world.

Graphic & Communication Design. City & Urban Branding.

Urban branding is a process used by communication designers to turn somewhere from a location into a destination. Over the past year, we have been relying on our local communities more than ever – but how much do you know about the area around you? Utilising Communication Design, you will be supported in creating either a visual identity or storytelling experience centred around the place you call home.


I feel like I have personally achieved so much! My creative side has bloomed and I have realised that there is so much to the fashion industry and I am excited to hopefully have a job in it in the future!

Emily Holburn

TICE Fashion Student (2022)

I would recommend the TICE project to anyone who is interested as it benefits you in many ways. It boosts your confidence and independence whilst teaching you about the professional art world and showing you what it is like to commit to a project. My best tip would be to just keep being creative despite any adversities and have fun with your project, choose something that interests you so that your project can fully express you.

Xuehan Zhang

TICE Photography Student (2021)

As a gallery owner, curator and collector I’m always on the look out for talented creators to collaborate with and grasp opportunities. Seeing the work here gave me huge pride not only to be associated with TICE and everything they do to support young artists but because each one of the images compelled me to put myself in shoes of the person behind the lens.
A number of these images have a great commercial value and I would confidently hang them on the walls of my gallery knowing they would gather a lot of positive attention. In the same way they got my attention, I’m sure they would get the same positive reaction from the public and find themselves in the art collection of many modern homes.

Trevor Read

The Aviary Gallery, London & Sponsor of a TICE Photography Project

TICE is very important to our students because they suddenly get a chance to see what it’s like to live and work in the creative sector and they get to do things that don’t really have the opportunity to do in school – they get to lead, they have to work together. They’re filling their CVs with things that the creative sector really wants to see. It’s invaluable to them.

Jayne Younger

Teacher, Longbenton High School

TICE is a really valuable experience for my pupils. It helps me to engage them with my subject, inspires them to think beyond the classroom, and gives them an amazing opportunity to express themselves through design. I have no doubt that TICE helps to promote my subject, and helps encourage pupils to pursue it not only at options level, but after that too.

Kate Winder

Teacher, John Spence Community High School

Examples of TICE Project Outcomes


Choose your subscription

Once subscribed, each school will be given access to their account with personal login details. Within each account will be the projects for this academic year, guidelines, resources list and online tutorials.

Annual Subscriptions start from as little as £800 giving immediate access to projects written by worldwide brands, organisations and industry professionals for young people.

Please complete the TICE International Form, for further queries, sample projects and to discuss tailored provision.


Level one subscription accessing a range of creative, design and digital projects. Select how many creative areas you would like to explore. Submissions set to showcase online.
  • Annual Subscription
  • TICE Account
  • Project Support
  • Choose Creative Areas
  • Deadline for submission
  • Showcase project work
  • Full administration
  • Aimed at Year 9+

Level two - ENGAGE Package

Level two subscription access creative, design and digital projects, submission deadlines and feedback from creative professionals and/or higher educational institutions. This includes a visit to the school and a complimentary UK Creative Industries workshop for the students involved.
  • Annual Subscription
  • Project Support
  • Choose Creative Areas
  • Deadline for submission
  • Showcase project work
  • School visit
  • In-school workshop
  • Full administration
  • Aimed at Year 9+

How is it delivered?
Each TICE International project is delivered by a series of online tutorials that you can access at any time. Your school can choose when to deliver each project. This may be as a co-curricular activity (CCA), in lessons contributing to coursework, activity weeks, as EPQ's or after school clubs.

How many staff will it take to support the projects?
We need one person to be the project lead in school. This person will be our point of contact during each project brief. The delivery of the tutorials and student research can easily be monitored by one staff member however depending on the project brief, you may want staff with specialist creative skills involved.

How long is each project?
We have given guidelines in hours for each project on individual project briefs. It should not take more than 15-20 hours per project over a series of 9 or 10 weeks, depending on how your school chooses to the deliver the programme.


Who is TICE?
TICE is a UK national award-winning creative organisation that works with businesses, schools, colleges and universities to give young people a taste of the opportunities that exist within commercial creative, design and digital industries.

What year groups are suitable for TICE International?
TICE International is more suited to students in Year 9/Grade 8 or above. It is perfect for young people who are developing creative portfolios, wanting to enhance UCAS forms and looking for unique employer led projects to engage in.

Project Areas to explore:
With TICE, young people can explore the worlds of: Fashion, Textiles, Music, Photography, Graphic design, Illustration, Creative enterprise, Creative writing, Film, Digital Media, Animation and more…

Frequently asked questions

For any questions or queries, please visit our FAQ's page. You will find the answers to the questions we get asked the most about TICE International.

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