#TICEGraphics is getting bigger and better!

Today’s enthusiasm and creativity was mind blowing.
Day 1 of TICE Graphics Bronze Stage was at John Spence Community High School. Their task was to design a Converse shoe specific to the brief given – the theme of Christmas. They firstly had to make a draft of what they wanted the shoe to look like and once they have finalised their idea, they had to project it as a poster. Not only did they have to decorate the shoe at this point, but they had to decorate the poster so it would be suitable for promotional purposes. Some were in groups of three and others wished to work independently. Nonetheless, every single one of them had shown so much skill and talent in a matter of a day.

From what I have seen today, there has been nothing but excitement and appreciation for what they were doing. I specifically talked to a few of the students to hear their thoughts on the first day. They were truly showing their gratitude and it was clear to see that they were all working together so well. This is one thing that TICE does successfully most of the time, which is communication and teamwork.

Everyone was regularly asking questions, independently solving problems, figuring out new techniques and taking constructive criticism in the most mature manner. I was so impressed to see so much professionalism in one class.
It was surprising to hear that everyone I talked to was determined to have a career in Graphics. Therefore, EVERYONE wanted a shot at the silver stage.


To end the day, all of the students presented their work on the board and there was so much positive feedback amongst the groups. Mark asked a few questions to find out what the students enjoyed most about TICE Graphics Bronze Stage.

Best part of the day:
– A comment which was regularly repeated was the pleasure of meeting Mark and learning about his career. I can definitely relate to this, as meeting the mentors can be one of the most beneficial things you could do at the start of your career. Many said that learning from someone who has experienced the industry is something that has inspired and motivated them.
– Many loved the brief they were given: designing the shoe and presenting the final product to the students and teachers. I think it was quite a proud and successful moment for the students in the class, as their creativity was finally being celebrated and encouraged in school.


Something which I personally took away with me, was Mark’s wonderful words of wisdom. He told the students to work by one word – PASSION. For me, I found the simplicity of that incredibly powerful and influential. It’s true that as long as you have passion in what you love, you’ll eventually get to where you want to be.

John Spence Graphics students, you were undoubtedly amazing throughout the entirety of the day. You really showed us what a graphics team should look like!