Every year, for the Create Stage of the TICE Programme, our projects from each creative area are sponsored by various regional, national and international companies who are thoroughly invested in giving our TICE students a professional and exciting experience in their creative field. On the day of the Final Show, we invited these industry influencers to stop by the gallery, meet the minds behind the project outcomes and share some of their initial thoughts. It was certainly a jam-packed hour and a productive one at that!

Creative Writing: Susan Mulholland (Northern Stage) and Chloe Hill (Bumble Bloom & Media)

“Consider us impressed!! We headed to the @ticeuk final show this afternoon to see what the 13-14 year old students have achieved in their final projects. Ranging from creative enterprise ideas to travel photography, Instagram influencers, making film trailers with Universal studios, sustainable fashion projects and mental health apps the ideas were fantastic. Bumble & Bloom were a tiny part of this year’s cohort helping as an Industry Partner sharing our story and what we do. Have a great final show everyone!”

– Chloe Hill, Bumble Bloom & Media.

Music: Charlie Dancer (Generator) and Dan Burt (Music Producer)

“I really enjoyed learning how the students had developed ed creatively by their work with TICE, it was great to see the fruits of their labour at their final show too – definitely some potential stars among them!”

– Charlie Dancer, Generator.

“As an industry professional working in the music world, I was very impressed by the quality of the bands and recordings on display. It was good to see well-rounded acts that clearly took on board the advice and instruction given throughout the program. Music is a 360 degrees art form with artists expected to cover a much larger range of skills than in the past, and it was obvious that many of the students flourished in this environment. I hope that this valuable experience forms a solid foundation for more fantastic music to come in future years!”

– Dan Burt, Border Scout/Songwriter/Producer

A massive thank you to the industry professionals who stopped by the Final Show industry hour – your words have been nothing but positive and inspiring to the students who have worked so incredibly hard over the academic year.