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    TICE Final Show 2019 || Thank you

    Exploring creative, design and digital careers

    So here we are once more… the annual TICE Final Show now 2019 and what an event. 150 young people from 18 secondary schools in the region came together to showcase the Create Stage projects they have been working on supported by regional, national and international companies, and higher educational institutions. We have the best of the best in our beautiful region and so many came together to share their expertise, contacts and open their doors for the TICE students to create something special.

    Our TICE Final Show started in the afternoon, we invited a whole host of the regions’ creative, design and digital companies, those who have supported TICE for many years and those who are just starting to get to know us. This was ‘Industry Hour’ based at Newcastle University Students’ Union. To welcome us, Dr Paul Fleet, Deputy Head of School of Arts & Cultures, Newcastle University & Acting Deputy Director of the Business School at Newcastle University, gave a perfect motivational welcome to all our young creatives.

    Whilst eagerly waiting for a range of industry sponsors to arrive for the preview, we had the absolute pleasure of hearing from Lucy Kyriakidou, a Freelance Games Artist, who told her incredible story of discovering a career she loved involving two of her passions, games and drawing.

    This afternoon was the very first time the students saw their work professionally printed up and ready for the evening event. A project they have been working on for merely 3 days. An industry-led challenge sponsored by a variety of creative companies and higher educational institutions. It was an exciting build up to eventually reveal how fantastic their work really is. Important to also mention the music students waiting in the wings ready to do live performances.

    The students have gained so much confidence by being able to showcase their work, talent and newfound knowledge in a variety of creative subjects. As creative professionals settled in for the afternoon, we heard from an incredibly brave student, Libby Watt from Jarrow School who gave us an account of her time on TICE doing illustration.

    “I feel TICE has helped with believing in art and having confidence with it, it’s also made me even consider a career in this area as I did not know that this was previously possible. TICE is an opportunity I would most definitely encourage others to do. TICE is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I never thought I would get this chance. I really enjoyed working with the professionals and would like to thank them once again of their time.” Libby Watt, Jarrow School.

    This year we covered fashion, creative writing, graphic design, illustration, animation, music industry and photography. Industry Hour is the prime opportunity for the TICE team, TICE students, the schools to really show what the programme is all about and a perfect preview to our evening celebratory event for families and friends.

    The TICE Final Show – Evening Event 2019

    At 6pm, we opened our doors to an audience of over 450 people, mainly proud parents, friends and schools to reveal the TICE programme Create Stage results. An exciting atmosphere was building and we delivered the story of TICE 2019. The show began with a welcome and introduction from TICE founder Jennifer Barrett. An explanation describing how the creative sector can communicate “any topic imaginable” and how the encounters in our lifetimes trickle down to create the careers of the future… the jobs that have not been invented yet… but they sort of have!

    Another inspiring welcome from Dr Paul Fleet, “reviving the renaissance” brilliantly connecting the arts, the sciences and business acumen with an insightful example demonstrating the USB connection on a Windows PC makes a two-note noise when it connects and disconnects. In musical terms, on connection sound rise a perfect fifth, and on disconnection, sound fall a perfect fifth. “And I can think of no better modern-day connection of science, business and the arts where the technology of an emerging platform, that needed the buy-in and commercial attract-ability of thousands (and later millions) of people, used an artistic meme as its basis.”

    Returning to the stage, Jennifer Barrett, followed Paul to explain the TICE programme in more detail and the 5 industry trends the programme embedded in all their projects throughout 2019. These included ‘Humans taking back control‘, ‘Mainstream Sustainability‘, ‘Brands as buddies‘, ‘Multi-sensory experience‘ and ‘The New Space Race‘. This seamlessly paved the way for our industry guest speaker of the evening, Joanna Feeley, founder and managing director of northeast trend prediction company Trend Bible. Joanna gave example after example of resilience and determination, creating your own opportunities and never giving up showcasing how she got to where she is today.

    And now the main element of the evening was ready, to showcase the work of 150 young people and their projects created in workshops throughout the region. Here are the supporters of this year’ programme, thank you, everyone, sincerely for your time, knowledge and kindness.

    The gallery was opened and the audience explored the 17 projects over the 7 different creative disciplines. Proud parents, teachers and mentors were present to see the incredible work on display.

    After the incredible gallery, we were back at the main stage. Waiting patiently behind the scenes, the last showcase of work for the evening our music performance, a song titled “Two” written and performed by 5 students from different schools.

    Next up… and how brave! Two students Shahd Ahmed (John Spence Community High School – Graphics Team) and Kaitlyn Mather (Berwick Academy – Creative Writing Team) got up to speak about their experiences on TICE.

    “We’ve all really enjoyed it and can honestly say it was a wonderful experience that’s showed us so many more places writing can take us” (Kaitlyn Mather, TICE Writing 2019).

    Although the TICE experience for these students ends this evening it does not mean we close our doors. Our ‘Life after TICE’ section of the evening perfectly articulated the involvement that anyone on the programme can continue to enjoy. The panel hosted by Chris Hodge, senior lecturer of fashion communication, Northumbria University, spoke with 3 former TICE students, Nina Burrell (Fashion), Ceydence Brennan (Graphics) and Simeon Sayer (Computer Science).  What they did was beautifully sum up what you can do with your TICE experience, how it has helped them along the way and what they are up to now. Nina, after graduating last year in Fashion Journalism is now working in fashion as a writer, Ceydence, currently still studying, as she is only 15 years old, yet has just secured a work placement beating many to the post at Everything Different. And Simeon, we wish him the very best of luck as he goes off to Harvard University this summer. What a panel!

    So that was it everyone, the end of TICE 2019… and what an event. We have so many thanks to give, as we cannot do what we do alone. For now… thank you, EVERYONE, for making TICE 2019 happen so successfully.

    Please enjoy the photo gallery of TICE Final Show 2019:

    Just to let you know. All our projects will be put up onto the site over the next week. You will be able to look at each and every piece of work until your heart’s content!

    Thank you to our TICE 2019 participating schools; Royal Grammar School Newcastle, Longbenton High School, Burnside Business & Enterprise College, Churchill Community College, North Tyneside Music Education Hub, John Spence Community High School, Monkseaton High School, Whitley Bay High School, Jarrow School, Hebburn Comprehensive School, St Wilfrid’s RC Academy, Berwick Academy, Whitburn CoE Academy, Marden High School and Boldon School. Special thanks to North Tyneside Learning Trust and South Tyneside Council.

    A huge thank you to Kristoff Photography for all the stunning images.