TICE Final Show 2018 Video Reveal


So here we are, the TICE Graduates of 2018. On the 20th June, we had seen 161 young people from 16 schools throughout the North East region realise their potential, grow in confidence and be celebrated for their achievements and commitment to the TICE programme. At the ever-so-welcoming venue of Newcastle University, the Student’s Union was decorated beautifully with fairy lights, delicious cupcakes and a fancy stage set-up with atmospheric fog. Who could possibly complain?

Before we knew it, it was 6pm and the seats were filled. Parents, employers, teachers and students arrived, dressed to the nines and ready to see exactly what these young people had achieved. Although, if we were to guess, they weren’t entirely ready for the evening ahead…

It all began with an introduction from Managing Director, Jennifer Barrett. Jen faced the most dreaded question of all – what do you want to do when you leave school? This idea of a “time crunch” that every young person is faced with: What Uni course are you applying for? Do you have the right qualifications? Who do you want to work for? Well, we tackled this from a different angle and acknowledged something beyond that…what if I could be in charge of my own career? With the help of the mythical Greek God, Proteus, Jen explained how being your own boss is redefining the path to success and to not be afraid of exploring a world of possibilities.

Paul Fleet, Deputy Head of School of Arts and Cultures at Newcastle University, followed with a few words on just how exciting and prosperous the creative industries are looking for the future generations and how Higher Education is encouraging that. Soon after, Jason Knights, Founder of Blue Kangaroo, shared his journey of simply “winging it”. The moral of the story: just talk to people and say yes. And don’t be afraid to do so.

But most importantly, the night was all about the students of this year’s programme. The gallery was filled with the final projects – we had mannequins, computers, homeware, stop-motion films, stunning gallery images and iPods stuck to the walls. It was an interactive, mind-blowing experience and it was almost impossible to walk away.

And for the evening interludes, we had our performance students from TICE Music showcase their final song to the audience. Considering that the NUSU has been previously used by popular and well-respected musicians, it was wonderful to see them have the full experience. And to put the cherry on the cake, the songs were pretty phenomenal.

We can’t forget this year’s TICE student speakers! Every year, we invite selected graduates to share their thoughts and experiences at TICE – it only felt right to have had Olivia and Sophie from Creative Writing up on stage. Both ladies oozed confidence and bravery, and perfectly summarised their journey with humour and sophistication. Very well done.

TICE alumni Joseph O’DonnellLaurel Outterside and Lana Skye Caven joined Senior Lecturer Chris Hodge for a Q&A panel. Current students were informed on their own experience of the TICE Programme and why it has become such an important part of their lives, both reflected in personal and creative contexts. They talked about their current career/education and why they continue to support TICE alongside their own pursuits.

For the curtain call, it was time for students to receive their certificates and fact: there were never so many smiling faces in one room.

Above, is the ever loved TICE Final Show video, throughout the year we gather footage of the experiences and encounters of our TICE programme stages; InsightExplore and Create. This is showcased on the evening of the Final Show to showcase the smiles and laughs but also the learning and knowledge gained from the creative, design and digital sectors.

Enjoy the video. It brought giggles, bashful chuckles, funny screams and was enjoyed by hundreds on the night.

The TICE Team.