TICE Fashion Photographers meet The White T-Shirt Co. #ethics


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For this project, fashion photography meets fashion ethics… eight Year 9 and 10 students from Heaton Manor School and Longbenton Community College were given the opportunity to work with local ethical clothing company The White T-Shirt Co. The students mentored by Katie Lee, were challenged by the The White T-Shirt Co to showcase diversity in a campaign ‘Your White T-Shirt’. The photography students spent 3 days researching, preparing and shooting their individual looks to this brief… see how they did and what The White T-Shirt Co thought of their ideas.

Fashion Photography Shoot
Students were based at Newcastle College with Models from Tyne Tees Model agency. Make-up Artists Josephine Birkett and Kerry Wallace-Smith with photography support from Penny Edwards.

The students who are Shauna-Louise Douglass, Saga Elghul, Megan Campbell, Brooke March, Amy Nicolson, Amy Withers, Sarah Eckford and Keri Wood had 3 days to prepare what their photoshoot would include, this meant make up and hair ideas, accessories that would inspires the style of the shoot.  The photography students needed to think about the feel of the shot, thinking back to the studio days on the Silver Stage and how lighting can change the feel of your image.  Would it be high key or low key, what mood did they want to evoke?

For this project we wanted a completely unique idea to present studio photography at its best, with The White T-Shirt Co agreeing to sponsor the project it really made a very special and a conceptual piece of work.

A quote from Penny of The White T-Shirt Co.:

I’m not sure who got more out of the project – the students or myself. When I first met the students I could see they already had a good grasp of the techniques required but what struck me was their enthusiasm and confidence in taking the brief and interpreting it in their own individual way. They arrived on the day of the shoot with a clear idea, necessary props and a willingness to listen to their TICE mentor to help turn their idea into great pictures. They came up with fresh, original ways of looking at our products – loved them and made us think! Penny Jones// Founder of The White T-Shirt Co.

Take a look at the results:

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Project Sponsors – with special thanks to:

Josephine Birkett Katie Lee newcastle_college TyneTeesModels White Tshirt Co




The White T-Shirt Co – https://www.thewhitetshirt.com/
Tyne Tees Models – http://www.tyneteesmodels.co.uk/
Newcastle College – http://www.ncl-coll.ac.uk/
Make-up artists: Kerry Wallace-Smith
Josephine Birkett – www.josephinebirkett.co.uk
Penny Edwards – http://www.pennyjanephotography.co.uk/

A few photographs of their 3 training workshops:

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