TICE Fashion for #NE1NFW Schools Workshop at Newcastle City Library


NFW workshop 2014

The 9th of May kicked off this year’s NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week which has a huge variety of fashion filled events throughout Newcastle City Centre. The TICE Team dedicated a day to secondary schools to come together for a ‘This is Fashion Enterprise’ workshop aimed at showing young people the in’s and out’s of the fashion industry. This year groups of students from Longbenton Community College, Jarrow School, Marden High School, Kenton School, Ashington High School and Walbottle Campus came to Newcastle City Library to focus on fashion using the fabulous resources the library has to offer.

The day started with TICE Fashion Mentor Jenny Barrett discussing what fashion is actually all about. This moved onto roles and skills of the industry which opened the eyes of the students presenting the outlines of jobs roles and the subjects and skills needed to get them.


I have learnt that there are many different kinds of jobs in the fashion industry and developing ideas from historical clothing. I have enjoyed today by researching different clothes from all years and different cultures. I also enjoyed producing the garment and working as a team to put it together. Thank you for today 😉 Chloe.

Once discussions and questions had taken place the students were shown the overview of the day and their challenge began. Using the vast resources available the students were asked to explore the library to discover fashion influences to help them bring an historical piece of clothing into today’s more contemporary fashion environment.


Following the research task the next area to delve into was forecasting trends. All the students were introduced to the predicted trends for Spring/Summer 2015. We discussed how to interpret trends and how to use them to develop design ideas.

Amazing! Had such an amazing day, one of the best experiences I’ve had. It’s been filled with fun, excitement and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Thank you Jenny. Making, designing and doing all these tasks. Loved learning about the fashion industry – Holly.


The students were asked to think long and hard about the customer they were directing their design towards and asked to come up with 2-3 design ideas each. Their final task was then the make!

NFW2014All the schools brought with them was a mannequin, some pins and a newspaper they were given some fabric and asked to create an outfit based on the groups design ideas. Bearing in mind these students have NEVER studied fashion directly their outcomes were simply fantastic.

Finally, and much to their dismay all groups were asked to strike a pose on going down our makeshift runway, they loved it really!

As the day came to an end one final task has been left in their hands. They all took away their creations, research and design development and each team has been asked to produce a blog post outlining what they have taken away from the day. Each team will be submitting this by16th May and if their hard work and dedication is anything to go by from Friday 9th these submissions will be fantastic. We will be announcing the winner very soon and showcasing exactly how talent these young fashionistas really are!

“I found the day to be so enjoyable for me and the girls, I think it has opened their eyes to the possible career path they can choose for their skills and given them a greater understanding of the design process. I loved watching their ideas come together and I’m extremely proud of the end product.” Teacher. 

To see more of the day please view this gallery:

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NFW2014teamA few huge thank you’s to go out to NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week for the Official Fringe Event (and photos Dan), Newcastle City Library for letting us use pretty much everything! and all schools and students involved in making it such a great day. The TICE team (@CCharstewart for your running around!, particularly in search for the pencil sharpener, Maddy for her beautiful photography skills @MDesignNCL, and Vince!). Many thanks everyone!!