TICE Fashion Begins at Marden High School!


TICE Fashion: Marden High School

A bunch of talented and creative students from Marden High School in Cullercoats spent their day in school on the 16th December participating in The bronze stage of TICE fashion. The students were separated into five groups and right from the start of the day it was clear they were a passionate group to be doing the TICE Fashion with; all of them showing their creativity and knowledge. It is safe to say that by the end of the day the work which had been created was astonishing. Whoever said that a dress or shirt or outfit made from papier-mâché couldn’t be couture?

Marden1 To start the day all of the students were put into their groups, one was a group of girls who are all working towards their textiles GCSE and then the other groups consisted of students doing art and design. The room was definitely full of some creative and talented people.

Marden3 To start, they had to fill out a tasksheet which showed us what knowledge the students already had of the world of fashion and textiles. They were asked questions about the different job roles in the industry and what they thought fashion meant.

It was clear that the groups already had a some good knowledge of the fashion industry and we set off to start on some design work. The groups were given three mood boards and told to choose which one jumped out to them the most. They then had to mind map any ideas that came from looking at their chosen mood boards. After this four well known celebrities were shown on the PowerPoint to the class and each group were told to choose one to design for. Many of the groups chose Lady Gaga, one chose Rita Ora and one took the brave choice to style for a male, and set to work creating designs for Justin Beiber.

Marden2After design work, each of the members of the group had to create at least two designs for their celebrity incorporating the style from their mood board. Some found this a breeze, others took more time to think of an idea but by the end, everyone had some amazing outfits designed. The groups then incorporated all of their different aspects into one focus design they were going to create.

Marden4After a quick demonstration of how to start creating their outfit, they set to it and were done with the papier-mâché by lunch so it was dry and ready to paint afterwards. The afternoon was full of painting and final touches and then some of the students wrote their own blog post on the day, other students went through budgeting showing how English, maths and many other skills are used in the fashion world. When the day came to an end pictures of the final products were taken and the class left all with proud smile of what they had created and ready to go show their friends.

Over all the day was a success. Let see what happens in the silver stage. It can only get better.