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    Software Development is an exciting, innovative environment where you can develop your creative and technical knowledge and skills. Now, more than ever, there is a demand for skilled individuals who understand how computers work and who have a desire to work for various creative companies such a games development, web development, artificial intelligence or virtual reality. These roles are ever-increasing as individuals and organisations need support dealing with new and exciting developments affecting today’s society.
    TICE Software will touch upon areas of computer science and software engineering explaining the differences between practical programming languages such as python, javascript and HTML or games development awareness in C++ or Unity.

    Mentored by - Phil Jeffes

    The TICE workshop day was honestly one of the best school days I have ever had, it was amazing and I absolutely loved it. The highlight of the day for me was probably playing around and coding with the Microbits. I loved how they could communicate with each other and it really made me think about the practical uses of small computers like that in everyday life. I also enjoyed making the HTML website because we have never been taught how to do this before and I really wanted to know how websites work and are built using code instead of a website builder software. Overall it was absolutely amazing!

    Patrick, Year 9

    TICE Programme, Software Development Student, Whitburn RC Academy

    How to access TICE Software Development

    TICE Software is available through our various workshops and programmes. Full and half day workshops for primary schools, Taster workshops for secondary and the option of the full TICE programme. In addition, access to industry written project briefs for nationwide and international schools.


    Half and full day workshops available for all primary key stages.


    Focused on an introduction to a sector within the creative, design or digital industries.


    Our national award-winning programme designed in 3 stages to enable industry exploration.


    A subscription based platform for schools internationally to access industry-led project briefs.

    I feel like I have become a better programmer. I enjoyed the second day because it was more practical and I really liked the programming because I feel it helped me improve because I was with more people who work in the computer science industry and could ask more questions. My programming with java script really improved as in school we only use Python so it was interesting to try other languages. I also feel more aware about jobs in computer science.

    Phoebe, Year 9 Student

    TICE Programme, Software Development Student, Whitburn RC Academy

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