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Photography has changed dramatically over the last 10-15 years and that is due to the change in landscape and how we view images. Nowadays, we have devices on us most of the time so a lot of the imagery we see is via a screen and we are often interacting with it in some way. Photography today, is about how you can stand out in a sea of people doing something that could be seen as quite generic, quite usual - now the photography industry is about how you can do things differently and make people sit up and think.

In TICE Photography we look at things differently, create images by breaking rules and conventions of what has been pre-set by photography in the past. Like any creative industry we are looking at forward thinking and looking at what is going to be the next style or the next visual communication skill.

Mentored by - Jennine Wilson

This experience has taught me the value of an image as well as using my imagination. Thank you so much for this experience it was an excellent as well as exciting journey. I am very grateful for this life changing experience and it has really opened my mind in photography

Abigail, Year 9

TICE Programme, Photography Student, Longbenton High School

How to access TICE Photography

TICE Photography is available through our various workshops and programmes. Full and half day workshops for primary schools, Taster workshops for secondary and the option of the full TICE programme. In addition, access to industry written project briefs for nationwide and international schools.


Half and full day workshops available for all primary key stages.


Focused on an introduction to a sector within the creative, design or digital industries.


Our national award-winning programme designed in 3 stages to enable industry exploration.


A subscription based platform for schools internationally to access industry-led project briefs.

I feel like TICE has massively helped my confidence as it has helped me to feel comfortable around people I didn’t know and has pushed me to share and achieve work I am capable of creating and achieving myself

Georgia, Year 9 Student

TICE Programme, Photography Student, Whitburn CoE Academy

Photography Workshops

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