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The music industry today in the UK is an incredibly vibrant, exciting and varied industry to be involved in. The important aspect to think about within the industry is that there are many different roles beyond what you would traditionally think about. The UK is one of the biggest exporters of music in the world. It contributes £4.5 billion, to the UK economy and currently, there are 300,000 people employed in the sector, that is growing year upon year so it is a really good time to get involved in this sort of business.
TICE Music is a unique strand where we enable young people to get involved directly in the music business. We always begin with a broad overview of the industry so young people can explore the careers and jobs that they may not know even exist.

Mentored by - Sam Burt
Supported by Megan Savage

During this insight workshop, I got the opportunity to work with other students in my school to work on something entirely 'music' based. This included working as a team to take part in multiple tasks and activities such as rhythm games involving percussion instruments, music notation passing on the beats and writing a song with a given theme. We also got a brief introduction into the music industry; jobs available in the industry in the future and examples of projects Sam has worked on and is working on. I found this part of the day most interesting because I didn't realise how many people can be involved in writing a song, developing it and creating the lyrics.

Damien, Year 9

TICE Programme, Music Student, Burnside College

How to access TICE Music

TICE Music is available through our various workshops and programmes. Full and half day workshops for primary schools, Taster workshops for secondary and the option of the full TICE programme. In addition, access to industry written project briefs for nationwide and international schools.


Half and full day workshops available for all primary key stages.


Focused on an introduction to a sector within the creative, design or digital industries.


Our national award-winning programme designed in 3 stages to enable industry exploration.


A subscription based platform for schools internationally to access industry-led project briefs.

I think that TICE has had an immensely positive impact on my motivation, organisation and especially confidence. It has enabled me to create something that I am proud of and give me the support I needed whilst also allowing me to be quite independent. My confidence has grown tremendously. I can share ideas with my group and I'm fairly comfortable to perform on stage now which is something I previously hated. The number of new skills I have picked up during TICE are countless and they have helped me develop and grow as a person

Emma, Year 9 Student

TICE Programme, Music Student, Marden High School

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