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    Illustration is such a vibrant and exciting part of the creative industries. It covers so many different areas - if you think back to your first ever experience of illustration, it is most likely children's books. We all enjoyed them when we were little, many still enjoy them now - seeing all the different characters, environments and world's an artist can create. That is one huge part of the illustration industry but there are many different parts to consider too. There is editorial, there is product, packaging, advertising, fashion and even moving image and if you are interested in illustration they are all areas you many find yourself dipping your toes into as a professional illustrator.
    One of the great things with illustration is if you are a big thinker and you like to tell a story but you are not so good with the words, then you can really play on that saying "a picture paints a thousand words"

    Mentored by - Helen Turner

    I feel like I have really developed my creativity skills throughout the time at TICE. This was something I wanted to work on as sometimes I struggle with ideas but after the Explore Stage I became a lot more creative with my ideas. Also, I think I developed my communication skills and confidence skills I was really happy about those two skills because I am not a very confident person. However, with the Explore Stage it helped me communicate with people I either don't usually talk to or have never talked to which I was pleased I manage to communicate with people as I feel that is something important that I need to be able to do.

    Kate, Year 9

    TICE Programme, Illustration Student, Jarrow School

    How to access TICE Illustration

    TICE Illustration is available through our various workshops and programmes. Full and half day workshops for primary schools, Taster workshops for secondary and the option of the full TICE programme. In addition, access to industry written project briefs for nationwide and international schools.


    Half and full day workshops available for all primary key stages.


    Focused on an introduction to a sector within the creative, design or digital industries.


    Our national award-winning programme designed in 3 stages to enable industry exploration.


    A subscription based platform for schools internationally to access industry-led project briefs.

    Helen really inspired me and encouraged me with my work which I really appreciated as she showed me some skills she picked up whilst being an illustrator. I learned so much and I am now starting to think about going into an illustration career.

    Caitlin, Year 9 Student

    TICE Programme, Illustration Student, Jarrow School

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