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    The writing industry is a very interesting space to be working in. As a writer you could spend your days writing a script or maybe tone of voice development or even writing for radio. What is exciting for students today is the opportunities that exist in the industry and if it is something you enjoy and you like telling stories this can can take you anywhere from working in a high end corporate business to working for a games company, working for a theatre production company or working in a marketing agency for digital content. The opportunities are endless.

    TICE Writing is about giving you a taste outside of the school environment looking at career opportunities and what it means to be a working writer.

    Mentored by - Katherine Wildman

    Doing TICE has definitely improved my confidence. Before TICE, I was quite shy and I found it hard to make new friends, but everyone at TICE was really friendly and I had no problem working with people I’d just met. It also helped me decide that I definitely want to go into writing as a career because I had loads of fun doing it and it’s something I’d love to do for the rest of my life, if I get the opportunity

    Emily, Year 9

    TICE Programme, Writing Student, Berwick Academy

    How to access TICE Writing

    TICE Writing is available through our various workshops and programmes. Full and half day workshops for primary schools, Taster workshops for secondary and the option of the full TICE programme. In addition, access to industry written project briefs for nationwide and international schools.


    Half and full day workshops available for all primary key stages.


    Focused on an introduction to a sector within the creative, design or digital industries.


    Our national award-winning programme designed in 3 stages to enable industry exploration.


    A subscription based platform for schools internationally to access industry-led project briefs.

    I feel like TICE has helped me improve my motivation and confidence greatly. Motivation and confidence have come from all the fabulous people I've met and their genuine interest in the ideas I had. Additionally, TICE has helped me with my career options as, despite only knowing I'd like to go into a form of writing, I realise that I have many opportunities. Before TICE, I think I wouldn't have known whether university, an apprenticeship, college, or a job would be a better option. Now I know that any of those options are good ones to choose, and whichever path I go into, it doesn't matter as long as I do something that makes me happy.

    Rebecca, Year 9 Student

    TICE Programme, Writing Student, Berwick Academy

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