Insight Award

    Well done for completing your Insight workshop. Just one more step to go to complete your Insight Stage and that's gaining your award. All you need to do is scroll down to the form, answer the questions and you're done!

    What are we looking for in your answers?

    We want nice juicy answers! Tell us how you feel, what you enjoyed in your workshop and what you'd love to see and hear more about. We cannot do much for you if we don't know what you would like to see and hear in future stages. Please be realistic though!

    Can we fail this award?

    Well, yes you can... if you give us nothing to work with then we can't help you any further and we cannot take you onto the Explore Stage. We are looking for young people who are genuinely interested in exploring the creative, design and digital sectors for their careers or further study. If that's you... then let us know! A good submission will be awarded with an Insight Stage certificate.



    Need some help?

    If you have a question relating to your TICE Awards or need some help completing your awards please contact Megan on


    Have a question about working in the creative, design or digital sector? Let us know and we will answer on our stories @ticeuk

    Want to ask a question about careers in the Creative Sector?

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