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    And you've made it! Very well done for completing the entire TICE Programme. This is the final step to complete all 3 awards and have them all nicely displayed on any future applications, CV's and more. For the final time, simply scroll down to the form below and send us your answers.

    What are we looking for in your answers?

    This time it's about evaluation and reflection. We want to know about your experience with TICE and working with professionals. We would like to know how to support you further so, if there are any opportunities we see we that may suit you, we can let you know.

    Can we fail this award?

    No, not really but wouldn't it be nice to have all 3 awards sitting alongside each other now that you've completed your TICE experience?! This is about future opportunities and telling us what you now know. Not to mention having 3 lovely awards to showcase your hard work, the skills you've developed and a TICE stamp of creative genius. It'll take you 5 mins... just tap on those keyboards and submit!



    Need some help?

    If you have a question relating to your TICE Awards or need some help completing your awards please contact Megan on


    Have a question about working in the creative, design or digital sector? Let us know and we will answer on our stories @ticeuk

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