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    Today, learning happens everywhere. Yet, we still struggle to capture valuable learning that takes place outside of school settings. TICE Awards helps young people to capture and communicate all of their talents and use them to move into new opportunities.

    How do they help?

    TICE Awards is a simple and easy to use platform that enables young people to boost the credibility of a CV or further study application form by helping students to discover, demonstrate and earn evidence-based digital badges and certificates. TICE Awards can help make all individual’s skills and achievements visible, verifiable and understood. It can help make a CV or application form come to life, showing work-based learning, employer engagement and young people grasping exciting opportunities.


    With the TICE programme you can gain 3 badges. After each workshop you need to submit your award to be considered for the following stage.


    Knowledge and Awareness

    The Insight Award is gained after a one-day workshop based in school. Students will develop introductory knowledge about an area of the commercial creative, design and digital sectors.


    Skills Development and Tours

    The Explore Award is gained after two workshops exploring skills development workshops, masterclasses and industry and higher educational tours.


    Creative Industry Project

    The Create Award is gained after students have completed an industry-led creative, design or digital project of their choice. Supported by workshops and industry mentors.

    Frequently asked questions

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    Insight Award Support

    How do I complete my Insight Award?

    Explore Award Support

    How do I complete my Explore Award?

    Create Award Support

    How do I complete my Create Award?

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