The Three Little Pigs as Materials and Properties!


IntroductionLast week Battle Hill Primary School Year 1 and Year 2 pupils took part in a TICE STEM workshop, focusing on materials and their properties. We started with a series of activities based on matter, molecules, solids liquids and gas and natural and man-made materials.


By the end of the first session, we were all experts in recognising and identifying correct terms and anticipating and solving scientific problems.

It was a very icy morning, so we knew exactly what happens to water when the temperature drops! and overall, the children realised just how much they knew about this scientific area already! Three Little Pigs3

Then onto the ‘Three little pigs’ story. The children did a fantastic job to make sure the wolf’s part was as scary as possible; and after a LOT of huffing and puffing and blowing down houses, everyone had a good understanding of the task that was to come.

Break time arrived, every one had a lot of information to digest and went to the playground…with fingers crossed that the sun had come out to melt the ice!

Fresh from play-time, and raring to go, the second session began.

The building task was introduced by the characters of the Lego movie.

Everyone in year One and Two loved the film, and lots of children explained the definition of a Lego ‘master builder’: someone who can build any Lego structure without a manual. When they found out they were all going to be ‘Master Builders’, the children were very excited indeed!

3 little pigs

Our scientific experiment would focus on the story we had read together and the information we learnt earlier this morning. In groups, we had to make three shelters for our own little pig. We had to record our experiment on a chart, describe each structure using word cards provided and guess what would happen after a visit from ‘The Big Bad Wolf’ (a hair dryer in clever disguise!)

STEM6The first stage was to give our pig a fantastic name and then everyone in the group was assigned a job. The ‘master builders’ made shelters out of straws, sticks and plasticine, described the structures and then guessed the result using a smiley or sad face.


What a Success! The Children’s predictions were correct and as they expected only the house made from Plasticine withstood the blast from the ‘Big Bad Wolf’.Three Little Pigs4

Overall, we had a fantastic morning…who said Science couldn’t be fun?

A Big thank you to Battle Hill Primary School, have you enjoyed it??

Battle Hill Primary School from This is Creative Enterprise on Vimeo.

Battle Hill Primary School
students said:

“Today was a Challenge but really fun”

“I have learnt that Plasticine is the strongest because it is heavier which means it stays down better”

“Today I learnt the difference between Liquids, Solids and Gas”

School Testimonial:

The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed your activities and presentation. It was well organised and resourced and fitted well with the structure and large group that we have. As part of our STEM week it was nice to have an outsider to deliver some science to the children in a different manner. The parents have even made comment to the children using the scientific language at home following the sessions which is fantastic feedback to hear that they have absorbed the important terms.

 Rachel elliott, KS1 Battle Hill Primary School, Wallsend.