The Great British ‘Salad’ Off! at Amberley Primary


The Great British ‘Salad’ Off!

The TICE team made another visit to Amberley Primary School in the summer term, this time the focus was Horticulture and we were joined by the eco warriors in year 6.

We started things off with an introduction to horticulture; a growing industry in more ways than one! We looked at newly developed concepts and fantastic, inspiring new ways of growing plants in the most unlikely places – from underground stations – to the ends of pencils!?

Amberley Hort2

We found out that in the morning we would do some of our own cultivating and then complete a culinary challenge…’The Great British Salad Off’

Year six were divided into smaller teams, the first group task was to listen and make notes whilst seed starting tips and methods were explained. The groups then individually set about sowing a range of different edible plant seeds. Each seed needed a different treatment and it was simply task of referring to notes and following their own guidelines.

Amberley Hort3

The TICE team also brought along a mature cucumber plant and we demonstrated what needed to be done when the started cucumber seeds turned into seedlings. We had a good look at the plant and it was great to see the flower heads starting to turn into cucumber fruits.

Amberley Hort4

Time for break; when year 6 returned, the room had been transformed – ready for the ‘Salad Off’!

In the middle of the table there was a bag of salad ingredients (seeds of which had been previously sown!) and all the equipment we needed to use to make our salad.

A video by Jamie Oliver introduced the recipe and the groups independently worked through the recipe instructions to prepare and assemble ‘Jamie’s Squash it Sandwich’.

In a ‘Great British Bake Off’ style, the groups would bring their finished salads to ‘The judges table’. Name badges were created, and placed in front of bowls. Groups came up with some fabulous team names and also whipped up an introduction to their dishes using their very best creative writing skills!

Amberley Hort5

Amberley Hort6

After a great deal of deliberation, the judging panel decided the tastiest, most carefully prepared salad had been prepared by the ‘The Sassy Salad Squad’. Well-done ladies!

Afternoon was all about being outside and putting what we had learnt to use. A recycling challenge was set and year 6 would work in their groups to create a garden accessory – using recycled bottles, lids, wire and a host of other up-cycle materials.

We looked at a presentation on up-cycling in the garden to give us lots of ideas and then we went to the school garden to set about brainstorming, sketching and planning and creating our designs.

Amberley Hort7

Health and safety precautions were key to a successful session, so gloves, cutting mats and teachers should be used when necessary.

Amberley Hort8

The final stage of the afternoon was a group presentation; each group did a really good job and presented their completed designs very professionally. We saw garden irrigation systems, self watering planters, scarecrows as well as watering cans and even a garden sprinkler !

Well  done year 6, it looks like you learnt a lot about horticulture and you did a brilliant job of putting this practice!

A massive thank you from the TICE team, we had a fabulous day!