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2017-18 has seen the launch of two new creative areas within the TICE programme with Textiles and Surface Design being one of them (Creative Writing the other).

We were very excited to launch the textiles strand and felt it would offer young people a fantastic opportunity to learn more about surface decoration processes such as print and embroidery. Many people get quite confused about the differences between Textiles and Fashion so we felt it was best to show them. We are glad we did. This year Churchill Community College took this area on and it has proved a great success with students creating their own fabrics and interior product collections for the TICE final show.

We’re always super keen for our students to have real-life industry experience as we believe that it helps them to understand what things are like in the work-place as well as the type of skills that are required to hold down creative jobs. The explore stage was action-packed, students visited educational establishments, learned loads of new skills and saw how real-life designers/makers ran their businesses. This lay the perfect foundation for ‘Create’ preparing the students to work on a live print and embellishment brief in just 3 days…yes, just 3 days!

The Surface Design & Textiles project 2018:

The textiles brief was all about working with trends to create a collection of hand-printed bespoke interior accessory products. We were so lucky to have such great sponsors with Vicky from the Toile Print Emporium coming along to all three days of the Create Stage process, sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience with the students. We were also warmly welcomed by  Cleveland College of Art and Design (Northern School of Art) who offered us full use of their top-notch printing facilities as well as a group of enthusiastic degree students to help us throughout the process. Thank you very much for all your support.

It was such a fantastic opportunity for our students to see what higher education is like and work within a studio environment – we were even treated to a private viewing tour of the final degree show which exhibited finished pieces for all the different creative areas including textiles, costume designs, photography, fine art and lots more!

I think TICE made a positive impact on my skills both in a team and independently. TICE has opened my eyes as to just how many jobs there are in the creative industry.

– McKenzie Hardy, Churchill Community College.

So, without further ado here presents the students work for Surface Design and Textiles 2018:

Design and Make Textiles Items Project: Interior Textile Collection
In collaboration with: Toile Print Emporium and Cleveland Collge of Art and Design.
Led by: Charlotte Liddle.

Overview: Calling all Textile Designer/Makers! Are you a fan of drawing, mark making and coming up with designs? Do you enjoy getting stuck in and working on making challenges? Could you work as part of a team to make an interior textiles collection? If you think, yes! Then this is the project for you…

This project will bring together all of the textile design skills that you have learnt so far during the insight and explore stages. You will be challenged to work in teams and produce a mini interior accessory collection for a specific design house or brand and will be exhibited at the final show.

You will receive a design brief and trend pack which will provide you with the themes and trends for your project. From this, you will go through the design process to come up with a coherent collection of printed fabrics which can then be embellished and turned into innovative products such as cushions, wall art and lampshades.

Your final range of interior accessories will need to reflect the given trends as well as being well-made to a professional standard.

Credit: Emily Bryden, Mckenzie Hardy, Darren Boak, Reagen Burnip, Lucy Mcconnachy, Anna Hall, Alicia Wright, Caitlin Wilcox, Ava Myers, Nyah Morales from Churchill Community College.

Well, I think its safe to say that the Textile and Surface Design area has made quite an impact in its first year! The finished collection of cushions, lampshades and wall art was colourful, energetic, on trend and most of all pretty slick. In three days the students collated trends and produced mood boards, printed their own unique designs onto fabric, embellished the fabrics with stitch and turned them into actual products! We are very proud of what they have achieved and look forward to doing it all again next year!