Taster Workshops

If your school is unable to take part in the full TICE Programme or you’d simply like to sample another area of our work, please ask about our individual workshops. Individual workshops are designed so your school can choose one of our creative areas together with a level of industry engagement – from an Insight workshop to an Explore experience or a Create project – for delivery to any Key Stage.


All our secondary school workshops are suitable for any Key Stage, while our TICE Programme is aimed at students in Year 9 and above. TICE is unique. Our professional industry mentors bring a wealth of creative, design and digital expertise to each workshop and programme they work on. And with a long and proven track record, we’re dedicated to designing and developing memorable student experiences that make a difference.


We introduce students to current industry trends, perspectives and emerging opportunities by giving the young people we work with the chance to explore in full the scope of the careers that exist within the commercial creative industries. We work to give each student real-time, hands-on access to what’s happening in the world today – so they can think about where they might see themselves in the future.


The taster workshops will be tailored to your school requirements. Created, designed and delivered by an industry professional. They are a mix of in school workshops and industry tours and employer engagement.


£ 395 /workshop
A one day INSIGHT workshop into a commercial creative, design or digital area. Based in school and fully resourced.
  • One School Day
  • Select Creative Area
  • Industry Mentor Delivery
  • Max. 30 Students


£ 795 /experience
Two day EXPLORE experience. One day skills development day based in school. One day in industry with tours and guest speakers.
  • One Day skills workshop
  • One day tours in industry
  • Select Creative Area
  • Industry Mentor Delivery
  • Max. 25 students


£ 1095 /project
Three day CREATE project. Select from a variety of projects and creative areas written by industry professionals. Spend one day out of school on research and two days in school on project completion.
  • Three day project
  • Project Development
  • Industry written
  • Trend Driven
  • Select Creative Area
  • Industry Mentor Delivery
  • Max. 25 students

Insight Workshops

TICE Illustration Insight Stage || Once Upon A Time, in Jarrow…

For the very first time in TICE history, we have introduced Illustration to the mix of creative areas. It has always weaved into our...

Graphics Insight Stage || Inspiration is in Everything

Sometimes it’s the barely noticeable aspects in life that play a significant role in what we enjoy, share and consume. One of those things...

Animation Insight Stage || Bringing Characters to Life

Hold on…a creative area which explores short film, moving image, video games, motion graphics and special effects? This must be a dream!? Well by...


My insight workshop was such an exciting opportunity, I got a feel for the fashion industry and a feel for all the hard work and dedication it takes to make it in the fashion industry. It has broadened my fashion knowledge. I also loved being able to make new friends with the same passion I have, being able to design clothes and to design an in store fashion activity! It was honestly an incredible experience. One of my favourite parts was presenting my teams views on our fashion idea of around the world culture! I got a taster of what a job in the fashion industry would be like. I also learned more about what it takes to make clothes and how much environmental issues our high street stores can use. After TICE I would 100% consider a career in fashion because I enjoyed it so much!

Eva, Fashion

Explore Experiences

Discovering Colour and Jaw-Dropping Studios

The Graphic Design industry is constantly evolving, as technology plays a powerful role in making things faster, advanced and more trend-focused than ever before....

Covering Classics and Heading Backstage

What exactly is the dream scenario for an aspiring musician? Many assume it’s the idea of being on stage and touring the world…but what...

Wacky Characters, Emerging Tech and Stop Motion Giggles

Explore Stage of the TICE Programme is all about meeting industry, seeing the industry and having a taste of being in the industry. So...


Throughout the experience, I developed more independence as well as a wider understanding of how businesses function. It gave a good perspective on the job opportunities in my area and it has helped me with my planning for the future.

Rachel, Graphics

Create Projects

Spreading the word about dementia-friendly screenings at Tyneside Cinema

'Fill your beautiful boots,' Jenny said. And so, I did, which is how I come to be writing this. My Create Stage Blog. With...

Packaged up and ready to be launched!

This year's Graphics projects focused on particularly challenging and forward-thinking industry projects and students had only three days to think above and beyond and...

Exploring VR Storytelling, the Refill Initiative & Life on Mars

Animation is everywhere. It is a broad subject area encompassing a huge range of varied skills in creating content for the entertainment, advertising and...


I feel like TICE has made a great positive impact on my confidence as I would have never thought I would be able to participate in such a big thing like TICE. I have never been the most confident person but I feel TICE has improved it by encouraging me to do the best I can in every area and opening loads of doors for me and my future that have made me feel a lot better about my future decisions and career. TICE has greatly motivated me throughout the whole process as they always kept me going and never stopped reminding me of resilience because I’ve learned that I need to work hard to achieve the best in life and by doing so in TICE, I am a lot more motivated to pursue more projects like TICE that could help towards my future and my career.

Katherine, Animation