There are many words known to this day, but only a few stand out the most.
    The word strength may occur as just a plain word to many, but those who understand the meaning of strength know how this word is different from the other words. 

    I was in class one day looking at the board which shone into my eyes, which would then look into my brain to test the knowledge. It was the first lesson of the day. Everyone was tired and some even moody but I was there, not tired nor moody. Just an average student sitting on a stool in the classroom.

    The teacher was as enthusiastic as always. She always knew how to adapt her lessons for those who were tired and couldn’t think properly. Then a question which I had always struggled with came up. It was like a mountain of confusion, which I had to climb to overcome. 

    The first movement, feeling pretty confident and I would have a sturdy grip on the first overhang of the tall mountain. Slowly, the peak would get further and further away. The distance was a great one. This wasn’t going to be like a walk in the park.

    Tick, done.

    Move on to the next bit – but this time it would be a difficult climb.

    This would test the strength of my mindset. Would I make it or would I not?

    This would be the hardest bit yet and a jump would be the decision of it all. I would then prepare myself for the jump. It would be difficult but resilience was needed. 

    I would never give up.

    1, 2, 3 – and jump … 

    I was there just hanging off the overhang. I had made the jump, I had got past the question that had always challenged me.

    My strength came through and helped me.

    By Matthew Watts, Churchill Community College

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