Storyboard this now… Day two #TICEcomputerscience


Day two #TICEcomputerscience

Campus North

Storyboard That
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A double dose of excitement this morning as we all gathered outside of Northumbria University to watch the Solar Eclipse…day two of silver stage just so happened to coincide with this event so we couldn’t miss out!

The students were split into groups and as before the groups rotated round to complete different tasks and tours throughout the day. The first group was with TICE mentors Shaun and Sam from Vector76 and their task was to create a storyboard using creative software ‘Storyboard That‘ in a computer suite at Northumbria University.

The second group went with Jenny and Philippa and took a visit to Campus North where we met business mentor, Lauren Summers who took us on a tour of the building….Look what we found again!!

Campus North

ReframedTVNext couple of great talks from two completely different businesses based in Campus North. First we heard from Kev Price from Reframed TV is about changing the way the world consumes, interacts with and shares video for the better. Kev told us about his journey developing the company with his business partner Jo York, about the investor journey with entrepreneur Steve Pankhurst and also that he’d LOVE twitter to buy them out! (then as a typical creative entrepreneur, he’d most probably start-up something new)…

Second speaker was Alex Gibson from Mozilla. Alex actually is based at home as his work with Mozilla is such a Mozillaflexible working environment he comes into Campus North for the creative and digital environment it has built up. Alex, gave us a fantastic insight into being a computer programmer and how much he enjoys his work building projects with people all over the world and working in open source. Mozilla is a global community of technologists, thinkers and builders working together to keep the Internet alive and accessible, so people worldwide can be informed contributors and creators of the Web. It was an fantastic insight into another side of the creators of Firefox!

After the quick tour we then met Alex Ramin, who works at Sage, he very kindly took time out of his day to give us a fantastic insight into what careers in IT can include, for example what can IT workers actually do  to the size and nature of IT companies.


Of course because this is TICE, a workshop never goes without tasks! Alex then facilitated a session on developing an IT based project such as an app and the specific roles involved in this. This task was based on The Tangram Flow Game, the team was split into five groups and each member of the group was given a specific job role. These included:

  • Supplier
  • Analyst
  • Builder
  • Tester
  • Manager


The pressure was on as the students had 5 minutes to work as a team and build as many images as they could using all of the shapes they were given. This proved to be a lot harder than it looked!!

Some of the TICE staff and teachers even had a go... not that they were very good mind! ;)
Some of the TICE staff and teachers even had a go… not that they were very good mind! 😉

Both tasks today were very hands on and really got the brain working, we hope they’ve had a fantastic day and we can’t wait to see you on the Gold stage! Good Luck everyone!

A massive thank you to the following for helping us organise such an amazing day and giving up your time:

Alex Ramin, Lauren Summers, Kev Price and Alex Gibson.

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