Stefanie Fish (2009-2010)


Stefanie Fish – TICE Music 2009-2010/2010-2011:

My name is Stefanie Fish, I’m 19 years old and originally from Burnside Business & Enterprise College. I now studying a degree in Music Performance (Vocals) at the Academy of Contemporary Music.

I took part in This is Creative Enterprise twice, both in the Music sector. The first time I took part was in year 9 – TICE’s first year running. I chose to take part then as I had always had a strong interest in creative subjects and wanted to see what more I could learn in the areas I was interested in. Funnily enough, I didn’t sing very much at the time – particularly as a soloist – only at a Musical Theatre group I was in and the school choir. If I’m honest, I only ended up doing Music for TICE because I played clarinet whilst at school and one of the girls that played flute also chose to do Music with TICE that year too – it’s funny how things turn out! Doing TICE for the first time inspired me massively. I ended up taking Music as a GCSE option because of it and I have no doubt that without this opportunity I would not be doing Music today. The second year I did TICE was in Year 10. This gave me the opportunity to start up my first band and really embrace singing and fronting a band for the first time. Although I know now we had a lot to work on, I can’t put into words how much I learnt from the experience and, again, how much it inspired me to take on the challenge of making Music my career.

I think it’s so rare at such a young age to meet people in the creative industry that have such a vast knowledge of their field and are so willing and enthusiastic with their advice and feedback. Along with that, I think the opportunity to perform and record in a professional setting is something that can’t be overlooked, again, as the opportunity to do so is so rare at a young age.

As I didn’t sing much before TICE, it really boosted my confidence as a singer and as a performer. Most of all, I’d say it helped me to realise how much I loved music and that doing it as a career is actually something that can be achieved, if you’re willing to put the work in.

Without TICE I wouldn’t have picked to do Music as an option for my GCSE’s. From there, I wouldn’t have picked to study it exclusively at college and at University. Through TICE I met the guitarist who I started my current band with. As well as all of the TICE mentors and their contacts too.

To those who are thinking about taking part in TICE: do it!