by Taylor Haughan (15yrs)

This year’s photography team got an extremely unique opportunity to work alongside the official sports photographer Serena Taylor for Newcastle United Football Club. Their journey into sports photography started in their Silver Stage of the programme supported by their mentor Katie Lee, Serena and Kate Warner of Newcastle United Foundation. In the Silver Stage, two students (Taylor Haughan & Louise McIntyre both of Longbenton Community College) won a competition to support Serena in a live club match (some of the results you see above). For the Gold Stage project, five students from Year 9 and 10, from Heaton Manor School and Longbenton Community College undertook another project… check out how they did.

For the Sports Photography project the students were tasked with going to the official NUFC training ground based in Gosforth to photograph some of the club’s up and coming players. The students were able to use professional equipment (££££££- eek!) and asked to shoot sports action.

The students are Louise McIntyre, Taylor Haughan, Alex Wise, Aidan Jennings and Ruiaridh Binmore. Their first of their 3 days was to research and prepare for their shoot, second day was on location at the training ground, with their 3rd day editing there photographs at Northumbria University using Adobe Photoshop ready for their Final Show.

Here’s how they did and just below a statement from Serena Taylor about her involvement with TICE:

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At note from Serena Taylor (Official Club Photographer NUFC) after she had attended the TICE Final Show:

Fantastic photographs from the TICE sports photography team at the awards / exhibition night tonight… So proud of the 5 students that made it through to the gold stage and completed the programme… And was even made to cry from a student who stood up in front of the auditorium and spoke about the programme and what she had learnt from her experience with me, was so over whelming and worthwhile.” Serena Taylor.

Many thanks to everyone who made this project happen! with special thanks to Serena Taylor and Kate Warner.

A few photos of their experiences on the Gold Stage Workshops:

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