Two of our Artist Tutors, Charly Liddle and Sam Burt, spent a fantastic day at Bailey Green Primary School in February delivering a fun and creative music and art workshop to year 6 pupils. The overall message was to give the students an insight into how music and art are part of a wider Creative Industry and how critical this industry is to both local and global companies.

The day began with a brief presentation on ‘Smart Creatives’ and how important it is to be able to combine creativity and technical prowess to problem solve. We looked at how innovative and creative thinking can sometimes be more desirable than academic achievements in certain jobs, particularly for global digital brands such as Google and Apple. Next, Charly and Sam both introduced their own personal creative careers.

Following this short introduction, the pupils split into two groups for the morning session. Charly led a creative visual thinking and mark-making workshop, where they were given a series of questions and had to think about their responses in a more visual way. This proved to be a great start to the day and got all the children switched on and warmed up ready for their record cover challenge in the afternoon session.

With Sam, they were given rhythm sequences to play in groups. This then progressed to them creating their own unique drum patterns with a myriad of different percussive instruments. Finally, they were given an emotion to respond to as they performed their mini ‘drum song’, while the other groups in turn listened and tried to guess the emotion the group was trying to convey. This proved a really good way for them to understand how creative practice can express emotions and would prepare them well for the afternoon task also.

After lunch, the groups came back together to find out what their challenge was going to be! Charly and Sam gave each group the task of creating an exciting record cover for a mystery song. In separate classrooms, each group listened to the chosen song very carefully. (without knowing what the title was). In teams, they assigned each member a job role and then listened and noted down some of the lyrics and brainstormed ideas for colours, imagery, shapes, and patterns that they felt linked to their song. They each came up with some design ideas for their record cover and as a team, they discussed them and finalised the design.


So, then it was the real fun part and time to get a bit messy…

The teams were able to use a range of different media to create their large-scale record covers and were eager to get going. It was amazing to see how quickly their designs came to life and how well each team communicated and took on their chosen role. The classrooms were busy and full of colour and the record covers were coming along brilliantly.

Once they had completed their covers we asked them to present them to the rest of the class so that all the children could see how differently each team had interpreted the song in a visual way. Sam and Charly even got the classes to swap rooms so that they could listen to the song from the other class and view their work too.

This was very much like a professional design brief and it really engaged the students, who had to not only be super creative but also to work as an organised team and deliver a finished product to a strict deadline. Both school staff and the TICE team were hugely impressed by the final pieces. Thank you, Bailey Green Primary School, for such a wonderful day!