During the TICE year we set all sorts of tasks, challenges and little competitions for the TICE students. One of the Fashion Challenges was for students to come up with a blog post discussing their experience on the Silver Stage of the programme. I can’t deny there were some VERY strong entries written with excitement, passion and a genuine love for fashion. It’s been a tough job picking a winner but there has to be one! So… without further ado the WINNER of the Fashion Blog Post for 2014 is…

Congratulations to Anna Groves-Henry from Longbenton Community College. Not only has Anna recently started her own blog: http://beautifullybeyond.wordpress.com/  she had some great things to say about her Silver Stage experience:

Fashion with TICE!

“Recently I have been involved in an amazing programme called, This is Creative Enterprise better known as TICE (link to their website will be at the bottom!) It offers an incredible experience to explore your creative interests either in fashion, music, dance, photography and film whilst meeting inspirational people and being introduced to endless possibilities in that field. It is set out in stages bronze, silver then gold which you are chosen to progress by peers. Currently, I have just completed the fashion silver stage which I loved and I would like to share it with you…

Silver stage in fashion dedicates a day to exploring the diverse industry, to begin with we met Sandra Tang (her blog description is below), an amazing women who helped to influence me starting this blog. Her career is crazy, she does freelance in styling to running NE1 Newcastle’s fashion week! Our interview with her was so interesting she really informed us of the variety of jobs she does within fashion.

We then moved onto F6 studios, this was a completely different aspect of what goes on in the city. This building offers a creative environment for artists to go and complete their work and studio spaces to sew, paint and sculpt plus more whilst having a lot of support along the way.

Northumbria University was next on the timetable, first we were given a great presentation from one of the lecturers (Christopher Hodge) on the fashion courses offered at the university. After we were given a tour of the stunning building looking at the different spaces students use, before looking at one of their clothing exhibitions which were beautiful. We then watched a film based on each tailored course which enlightened the many different aspects of fashion and where it can take you.
Pictures I took at the university…

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I loved this experience and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to explore fashion with such great people who helped show me how much I am in love with fashion which I hope to continue and develop in. But if fashion is not for you there are the other options to chose from with incredible courses for you to enjoy!

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it and I would love to hear what your thoughts are on it, please comment, like and follow.”

Anna x