Who we are

We’re an organisation that works with businesses, schools, colleges and universities to give young people a taste of the opportunities that exist within commercial creative, design and digital industries. We work with young people from the age of four up to 24 and the projects we introduce change every year to reflect the rate of change in the commercial creative, design and digital sectors We have a long and proven track record and we’re dedicated to giving you the very best of experiences with a focus on dependability, quality provision and uniqueness.

The students from all the disciplines have been really enthusiastic and have really risen to it, they’re owning it. It’s like they’ve grown up throughout the programme. TICE is very important to students because they suddenly get a chance to see what it’s like to live and work in the creative sector and they get to do things that don’t really have the opportunity to do in school – they get to lead, they have to work together. They’re filling their CVs with things that the creative sector really wants to see. It’s invaluable to them.

Jayne Younger

Longbenton High School

How we work

TICE provides real-time, hands-on access and insight for young people into careers and opportunities across the commercial creative, design and digital industries.

All our secondary workshops are suitable for any Key Stage and our TICE programme is aimed at Year 9 and above. Full information on the TICE programme can be found here.

All our workshops and programmes are facilitated by professional business mentors with a vast range of creative, design and digital expertise.

TICE has been an amazing experience for our students. They have had the opportunity to meet and work with a range of industry professionals and other musicians their own age from around the local area. This has boosted their confidence in their abilities, helped them to see potential career paths in the music and creative industries, as well as already giving them a head start through all the networking they have done. It has pushed them out of their comfort zones on many occasions which has improved not only their confidence but also their musical abilities too. I would recommend TICE to any schools and students looking to gain some real world experience in the North East’s creative industries.

Katie Lee

George Stephenson High School

How it works





How do we decide what will work best for our school?

From your point of contact with us, right through to the delivery of the TICE programme to pursuing individual workshops, we are on hand to offer you guidance and advice. Feel free to discuss your requirements with us, this could be meeting Career Guidance Benchmarks, to areas of creative industry you would like us to cover also what creative disciplines you would like to experience. We have a long list of workshops and programmes provided in other secondary schools for you to browse through.

How do we book a workshop or join the TICE programme?

You can speak to a member of our friendly and capable team by calling us on 07720016144, email us at hello@thisiscreativeenterprise.com or you can click here to complete our contact form.

What creative disciplines are on offer?

All the Creative Areas can be found here: Creative Areas 2018-19. Each area gives a broad overview of the sector. Our creative areas are trend driven and industry focused as delivered by professionals who work in creative industries every day. We have over 250 companies that support our work and engage with North East further and higher educational institutions.

TICE is a really valuable experience for my pupils. It helps me to engage them with my subject, inspires them to think beyond the classroom, and gives them an amazing opportunity to express themselves through design. I have no doubt that TICE helps to promote my subject, and helps encourage pupils to pursue it not only at options level, but after that too.

Kate Winder

John Spence Community High School

Is there a cost for your workshops and programmes?

Yes. We have been building a sustainable community interest company since 2013 and we cannot work for free. Designing and delivering exciting and industry relevant workshops is our job. Bringing together business professionals and schools within creative industries is part of our business model and there is a lot of planning and research that goes on behind the scenes, we are not able to provide any workshops at no cost. If you're interested in working with TICE let us know and we can discuss our rates.

How much is a workshop? Or the TICE programme?

For the TICE programme this depends on how many creative areas you would like to pursue. We will be able to discuss the annual rate at the beginning of every academic year.

For individual workshops, this depends on whether you require a full day or half day workshop however prices start from as little as £200. Most resources are completely provided by us however we may ask if you have spare equipment such as extra pairs of scissors or coloured pens, pencils or glue, for example, depending on the student numbers involved.

What is not included in workshop or programme costs?

If a workshop or programme is not based at school, we do not provide transport for workshops or programmes or arrange parking facilities for each school or staff member (TICE or school) involved. We will not pay for staff cover in schools.

There’s been quite a few changes in several of the students regarding confidence and creativity – they’re a lot more bubbly, more interested in their lessons and more confident when working. They’re certainly a lot more independent in practical lessons in regards to problem solving and giving it a go.

Helen Barrass

St Joseph's Catholic Academy

Do you deliver in our area?

We are situated in the North East of England and travel regularly throughout Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, Durham to Teesside at no extra cost to your school. If you are situated outside of the North East, travel and accommodation costs may be incurred.

How long are the programmes and workshops?

The TICE programme is delivered in 3 stages and runs throughout the academic year and each stage is full days (9.30am – 3pm). It is 7 days in total including a Final Show. See more about the TICE Programme.

For individual workshops, we can deliver both full and/or half day workshops. Our full day workshops can start the day anytime from 9.00 a.m. and run up until 3.00 p.m. Our morning workshops can run from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00pm and our afternoon workshops can commence anytime from 12.00 p.m. and run up until 3.00 p.m.

What space do you require?

If workshop or programmes are based in school and depending on the workshop or programme type and the number of students involved, we may need the school hall/gym or use a couple of classrooms. Depending on the creative discipline chosen we may need computers or classrooms with sinks for example. Our team will be happy to work out the logistics with you.