School Blog Winners for NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week 2014


Kenton NFW 2014

As some of you may have remembered we set a challenge for all of the attendees at our ‘This is Fashion Enterprise’ workshop held at Newcastle City Library for NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week. We asked all the school groups to complete a blog post which captured their experiences of the day and what they felt they had achieved – fashion related obviously!. We are very happy to announce the winning team from Kenton School in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The group which involved Angel Cranney, Molly Crone and Lauren Ridley came up with a post which showcased what they had got out of the day but also presented the garment they researched and designed, one of the most impressive sides to this was what the girls chose to concentrate on – maternity wear, a brave choice which worked extremely well, take a look…

Last Friday we took part in a fashion workshop to design, make and finalise an original garment.

We heard about the different career paths in the fashion industry, that you don’t have to be good at all subjects to be successful in the industry, which was reassuring to hear and found out which roles are most suitable to our strengths.

Our first task was to find a long lost item of clothing from the past to inspire us. We were only able to use books which was daunting, not being able to google an answer is time consuming. We chose the toga from the ancient Greek era. Research and Design

We learned about trend forecasting, predicting fashions for future seasons to come and had an insightful sneak peak into spring/summer 2015 which we used to help design our garment.

To design our dress we brainstormed as a team and designed separate pieces then combined our designs to make our final garment.

We had to consider someone outside our own experiences and age group as our target customer and reflected on someone that no one else would think to design for. We decided on a pregnant lady age 25-35.Kenton NFW 2014

The timed making task began. We assembled the ruched top of the dress and constructed a baby bump from newspaper, then created an asymmetrical hem. We took into consideration that a pregnant lady would be wearing a maternity bra and made sure that it had a high front and back for coverage.

At the end of the task, we posed with our mannequins, Madonna’s ‘Vogue’playing in the background, it was fun but embarrassing standing in front of everyone.

Overall we had an amazing time and learnt a lot about the fashion industry. We would love to attend another course by This Is Creative Enterprise.

Kenton NFW 2014Our Final Product!!

“We are so happy to win the blog competition. We weren’t sure we would as there were some really strong teams on the day, the experience has been great fun from beginning to end, we would love to take part again.” Angel, Molly and Lauren, Kenton School.

Well done girls from the TICE Fashion Team #TICEfashion.
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