Introducing the Photography Team and projects of 2018:

3 industry projects were chosen in the photography team to look into 3 current and popular areas in the industry today. The areas we focused on are fashion photography, travel photography and the growing popularity of stop motion.The 3 Photography projects 2018:

Presenting the projects:

Stop Motion Project.
In collaboration with: All That is She and Northumbria University.
Led by: Katie Lee & Jennine Wilson

Overview: Instagram has become an amazing tool for promoting and advertising photography and photographers. Stop Motion has become a very popular way of showcasing Stories. As you know, stop-motion is an animation that is captured one frame at a time, with physical objects that are moved between frames. When you play back the sequence of images rapidly, it creates the illusion of movement. For this project, you need to produce a stop motion video using the techniques you have already learnt.

You will all be aware of the power of Instagram and the audience it can reach. Many photographers use Instagram to help promote their work and reach a new audience. To make their feed stand out they might use motion video.

WHAT CAN I USE STOP-MOTION FOR? Stop-motion is a dynamic art-form that Instagram has just made it infinitely easier to access, so find some fun ways to use it! Show a quick breakdown of a product, give a quick tour of an exciting place, document a transition in a day-of Story takeover by an influencer— get creative with it.

Students Work:

Credit: Shane Righton, Louis Mahon, Christopher Richardson from Longbenton High School.

Fashion Shoot for a Blog.
In collaboration with: Noa Vee, Lottie Maddison (Fashion), Ben Benoliel and Northumbria University.
Led by: Katie Lee & Jennine Wilson

Overview: A lot of fashion companies use blogs to help promote their work and use them as platforms to present fashion campaigns. A fashion campaign is an issue that the fashion industry feels very strongly about. For this campaign, we want to raise the awareness of ‘fast fashion’ or ‘throw-away fashion’. Can you help?

At some point in their lives, most people will be guilty of making a ‘must-have’ clothing purchase, only for it to be shortly banished to the backs of their wardrobes, price tag intact. But it turns out that this wasteful mindset is worse than we originally thought. Younger generations have adopted a ‘wear it once culture’ when it comes to their wardrobes, wearing items only a handful of times before considering them ‘old’.

Your role: Fashion photography is an artform of its own. From high-end couture and intricate set-preparation to portraiture to off-the-cuff street photography, to industry campaigns, there’s something there for everyone and a photographer for every taste. Fashion blogs are a way of communicating brands and campaigns to the world, they are increasingly becoming a part of the mainstream fashion press.

For this project, you will produce a series of images that will be part of an online fashion blog. A pictorial blog post is a post with a series of beautiful yet thought-provoking images. You will need to think about the layout of the photography and the story behind the images.

Students Work: (Enlarge PDF – FASHION Photography Board)
Credit: Ella Rose Hughes and Charlotte Kennedy from Longbenton High School. Erin Jane Ogunfowora and Scott Lee Posey from Monkseaton High School.

Travel/Landscape Project.
In collaboration with: TICE Photography Team and Northumbria University.
Led by: Katie Lee & Jennine Wilson

Overview: You will produce 12 images that will be seen in the format of an Instagram Feed. You will produce travel/Landscape images of Newcastle.

Instagram Influencers create beautiful feeds, which help to encourage the viewers to engage and follow them which then entices companies to want to work with them. Travel influencers photograph the world around them and produce beautiful feeds of stunning landscape and Documentary photography. Companies will then employ the influencer to travel to destinations they want to promote.

You will produce a series of images, in your style, illustrating the city of Newcastle. You will need to think about the layout of your feed, how the images work together and how you can engage with your audience.

Credit: Madeline Raymond, Gracie McMullen, Ella Took, Anya Farrier, Natasha Barrass from Monkseaton High School. Harry Aynsley, Sophie Hope Gibson, Charlotte Aird. Alfie Ward, Oliver Scott, Sam Clark, Matthew Dodds, Katie Miller, Lucy Jane Henshall, Ellie Ramsden, George Ross, Robbie Redshaw and Joshua Hood from Longbenton High School.

TICE has shown me many creative industries and it has made me think about my future and what to do. I would definitely consider working in a creative industry when I am older.

– Madeline Raymond, Monkseaton High School.