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Packaged up and ready to be launched!

This year’s Graphics projects focused on particularly challenging and forward-thinking industry projects and students had only three days to think above and beyond and bring their vision onto computer screens. Alongside mentor Mark Pattinson, Jack Mercer, UX Designer at Hedgehog Lab, kindly offered his invaluable expertise to students from John Spence Community High School and Hebburn Comprehensive School to help them flourish as young creatives. Not only were they exploring current, important themes in the industry but they were also developing even further on their software skills in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Despite the long list of things they had to achieve over a short period of time, the results from TICE Graphics showcased nothing but dedication, remarkable attention to detail and impressive talent.

Graphics project briefs 2019:

Project one: Great product, poor packaging
Trend: Mainstream sustainability
Supported by: Reproflex3
Mentored by: Mark Pattinson

Project outline: Global brands are becoming more and more aware of the importance of sustainable packaging and how this affects our environment on a global scale. This issue is a key discussion across global news with plastics and materials simply thrown into the sea…can you imagine if these materials were biodegradable…they would simply disintegrate without harming the environment?

Trevor Lowes, Managing Director of Reproflex3, stopped by Northumbria University to highlight those exact issues. Reproflex3 provides pre-press packaging products and services to markets including flexographic printers, creative agencies and major FMCG brand owners. With his wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, he shared some fascinating insight into sustainable product packaging.

Brands sell great products but the fact that some of these products may come in a piece of packaging that is NOT sustainable / and harmful to our environment, becomes an issue and can affect not just the brand, but sales in products as consumers will simply NOT buy a product unless its packaging is ticking all of the sustainable boxes (pun intended).

Why Sustainable packaging? – It’s simple…to help protect and better our environment for many years to come. Renewable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging is the future for many brands around the world, but this doesn’t mean the packaging needs to look poor…. with simple consideration on what materials, inks and finishes will be used, packaging can look even better than it’s ever looked before! Now we need to tell the world about it!

The brief: As the new home to promote a brand, Instagram is the ideal place to, reach new customers, engage with your audience, and advertise a new product or service. This is where an Instagram marketing campaign is needed. The purpose of an Instagram marketing campaign is to try and reach as many people as possible to get a message out.
The students were required to create an Instagram campaign for a new range of sustainable packaging used by one of the following brands: Marks and Spencer / B&Q / Nestle / Tesco / John Lewis.

Project results: please view the final results of the students’ work – Great packaging, poor packaging project results 1 and Great product, poor packaging project results 2.

Credit: Jamie Whitehead, Rachael Finlay, Scarlett Collinson and Jennie Mothersdale from Hebburn Comprehensive School. Shahd Ahmed, Rubi Ravestijn, Freya Mather, Meg Pears, Rebecca Henderson and Hannah Moore from John Spence Community High School.

Project two: Shop till you drop
Trend: Multisensory experience & The new space race
Supported by: Hedgehog Lab
Mentored by: Mark Pattinson

Project outline: When parents shop, a lot of the time they will have their children with them… and to be honest, children do get bored quite easily, being dragged from store to store and needed to behave! Retail stores worldwide have come up with a great idea on how to keep the kids happy whilst Mum or Dad shops. They have introduced interactive games instore, that keep the kids entertained whilst parents’ shop. These interactive games can be a walk-up gaming console, an interactive gaming projector, or simply digital devices where kids can choose what game they want to play.

Why interactive gaming entertainment instore? – Retail store managers recognise that children can, and often do affect the length of time their parents spend in retail stores and that children also influence their parents’ purchase decisions, behaviour, and the length of time they spend in-store shopping.

Retail store managers rarely provide any entertainment for children and involve them in the shopping experience and even when they do, they fail to do it in the right way.
A study in Hungary reveals that children would like to be actively involved in the shopping experience by completing little “missions” or “challenges” on an entertainment level.

Students were required to create an interactive game for kids for the retail store ‘NEXT’ under the theme of space. They were challenged to research games and entertainment consoles and understand what level of entertainment would be appropriate for the type of kids that visit the NEXT store with their parents.

As part of their research on Day 1, the team made their way to NEXT in Eldon Square to explore the space and identify some ways that games could realistically and effectively be placed in stores. By looking at NEXT from as a designer rather than a consumer, this gave them the inspiration they needed to step out of their comfort zone and create something exciting. From that point onwards, they had a clear direction and were bringing some fantastic ideas to life.

Project results: please view the final results of the students’ work – Shop till you drop project results.

Credit: Paul Leonard, Sabrina Ann Hosie and Will Joyce from Hebburn Comprehensive School. Ellah Brown, Connor Ling, Mackenzie Patton, Andrew Caygill and Noah Myers from John Spence Community High School.

Graphic Design TICE Create Stage photo gallery 2019:


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