Welcome to
TICE Secondary Provision

What do we do?

TICE provides real-time, hands-on access and insight for young people into careers and opportunities across the commercial creative, design and digital industries.

Our national award winning secondary provision has three options for schools across the globe interested in providing their students access to industry-led delivery written by creative professionals and brands worldwide.

Taster Workshops

  • All Year Groups
  • Choose from 8 Creative Areas
  • Work with Creative Professional
  • One-Day workshops
  • Introduction to creative careers
  • Up to 30 students per workshop
  • Fully resourced
  • North East Schools Only

TICE Programme

  • Year 9 or above
  • Choose from 8 Creative Areas
  • Work with Creative Professionals
  • Industry Tours
  • Industry Guest Speakers
  • Higher/Further Educational Trips
  • TICE Digital Platform
  • Work alongside other secondary schools
  • Live Industry Projects
  • Fully Resourced
  • TICE Certificate
  • Whole School Creative Career Resources

TICE International

  • For schools outside the North East
  • International Schools
  • Year 9 (Grade 8) or above
  • Set projects by creative professionals
  • Feedback from industry
  • Exclusive Industry Interviews
  • Behind the scenes footage
  • Live Industry Briefs
  • Access to global creative brands
  • Opportunity for TICE Visits
  • Portfolio Enhancing Projects
  • Careers Advice & Guidance
  • UK Higher Education Insight
  • Whole School Creative Career Resources

What can our provision support in school?

Schools choose to participate in the programme for various reasons. Here are some of the areas schools have utilised our projects and programmes:

- Coursework for portfolios / Dedicated weekly lessons for projects
- Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
- Arts Award
- Artsmark Award
- Career Guidance Benchmarks (2, 4, 5, 6 & 7)
- Duke of Edinburgh (Skills Section)
- Work Experience

What TICE can support your school with...